Be careful what you wear when Christmas shopping

I used to run a sunglass store, and I usually wore blank dress pants, a black shirt and a tie. When we closed the store, I’d usually go to the TGI Friday’s down the road for dinner and a drink before going home. I learned never to wear the red tie on those nights- customers would come up while I was on the outside patio, smoking, with a beer in my hand, and ask me to seat them. :smack:

I dunno, one could do well with this. Tell 'em that you’re having a two for one sale on whatever they ask for-like lawnmowers-if they say the magic word “tramcigam” at the check out. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome.

When I was in college, doing some shopping at a small local grocery store. There was an old woman I used to see there sometimes, usually trying to involve the employees in chit-chat while they were stocking shelves. As I was standing in line at the deli, I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around, and there was the little old lady. I waited for her to ask me something. She stared at my (new at the time) lip piercing, exclaimed, “Well, I never!” and walked away. It was hard not to laugh out loud.

I got this from a smoker once when they asked me for a light, I had said “sorry, I don’t smoke.” Now I don’t say anything but , No. And try to look annoyed.

I say, “I AM the light, my child. What you require is fire. And no, I do not carry fire with me.”

Oh yeah, that totally happened to me once. At first, I was all, “why are you asking me?” Then I realized I was in a red sweater and khaki cords. Oops.

I used to work at Target and I still have my employee nametag. Of course, I also have red shirts and khakis. I live only blocks from the Target I used to work for. It would be so easy to don the old uniform and nametag and mess with or help customers. I don’t know if that could get me in trouble with the law, however.

Incidentally, I got a call from them a few months ago, about an upcoming performance review. When I told them I hadn’t worked there in three years, they mentioned that there must be three of me who work or worked there. I have a very common first and last name.

I also have an old nametag from my first job at a one stop grocery/department store. I could pose as an employee there, too.