Be careful what you wear when Christmas shopping

Tip: If you decide to shop at Target, do NOT wear a red polo shirt and khakis.

I was strolling (if you could call it that) through there yesterday after work to see if I could get inspiration for a last minute gift for my wife. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), it was packed. Each and every time I turned down an aisle, I would be approached by at least one person – sometimes two or three – for information about some product or its location. I felt like there was a beacon over my head or something.

Apparently, I was wearing what was perceived to be the Official Target Employee Uniform. After a while I got tired of saying, “Sorry, I don’t work here”, and left.

They need to hire more people. And I still haven’t got that present.

Try Walmart. Chances are, you don’t own an obnoxious blue apron. :smiley:

That happens to me a lot at Lowe’s! I don’t know if I look like I know what I’m doing or if guys are being subtle and are hitting on me. No women ever ask me any questions there though so I’m going with option B. :frowning:

I used to get that in any store I was in. This was in the days before uniforms, but people would always come up to me and ask for help. I guess I looked like a store clerk.

I worked at Target for a while. I think they chose that as their “uniform” because most people own it, or can easily get it. And they don’t have to buy uniforms, then. But it means I am conscious of what I am wearing whenever I go in there.
I visited the Waterford plant in Ireland and waited for my wife to get out of the bathroom. Since I was wearing a suit, and not typical American Tourist garb, everyone came over and asked me where they could buy things. I looked too much like a company rep.

Hey, you should go back and see if you can get the employee discount!

Reminds me of:

They have to scan your Employee Discount Card, so it won’t work.

I used to get this a lot, too. Even funnier, on my trips to Vegas I was always getting stopped by people in the casinos who were trying to find the nearest bathroom, or the buffet, or which entrance the shuttle bus was at. Of course, I usually knew the answer anyway; I used to go there often enough that I started muttering to myself about the damn tourists blocking traffic.

The last time I wore a green Hawaiian shirt into Trader Joe’s I received a sharp tug on my sleeve by a customer who asked me where the mustard was.

Ever been at Wal-Mart in a suit and tie? I have. Trust me, it’s tricky.

I lived in Paris in the area of the Gare due Nord/Gare de l’Est railway stations. I seemed to get a lot questions in the stations about train routes and such, although I’m pretty sure I didn’t look anything like an SNCF employee. The funniest was the time I was asked where Gare du Nord was. We were standing in front of it.

When I used to work at Target, we’d have to occasionally go “undercover” during this time and wear anything but the red shirt/khakis just so we could get work done without being interrupted every 5 minutes…

I guess it’s different if you’re a guy. All the women I’ve ever seen at our Walmart wear the stupid apron. :smiley:

A couple weeks ago, an “angry looking” woman approached me in the grocery store. She asked me where the large cans of tomatoes were. I told her I didn’t work there. She scowled at me and said, “I never said you did, did I?”.

I just walked away, dumbfounded.

It’s been nearly 8 years since I last worked a retail job, but I still get asked for help whenever I’m in a clothing store (well, the ones that don’t require name badges or uniforms, anyway).

It probably doesn’t help that I can still fold a shirt perfectly in 10 seconds flat, and can’t help but re-fold things before putting them back where I found them. :slight_smile:

ETA: kayaker, that’s priceless.

When I’m perceived as an employee and asked where something is, I like to direct them to the other end of the store. Americans don’t get enough exercise.

I have received questions from people who weren’t assuming I was an employee. People who are new to a store tend to think other shoppers know where things are.

I’ve never worked retail, and I always get assumed to be an employee, too. The last time it happened, last week, I was wearing my outside jacket and iPod. That caused me a certain amount of :confused: - summer is worse for this, because I don’t usually have a jacket on. Those of us who have this happen regularly, we must have a certain demeanour while shopping - I enjoy shopping, so I don’t think I’m scowling like a retail drone, but maybe I am. Maybe I should get a t-shirt made up that has a big, white, block letter “NOT STAFF” on the back. :smiley:

When I was a teenager, I read an article on “How to Pick Up Women” (hey, I was desperate). One of the sure-fire suggestions it gave was to ask a woman at a supermarket where the aspirin was. The reasoning is that this would force the woman’s mothering instincts to kick in, and she would automatically want to take care of you.

So, maybe you were just getting hit on a lot.