Be Honest. [Dealing with races other than your own in customer service]

If you’ve ever waited tables upon an ethnicity not your own, or given any kind of retail service…do you find yourself trying to do an extra good job so you wouldn’t be perceived as racist?

No. I was a dick to everyone equally.

I found that sometimes I was hyper aware of someone’s race, and other times I wasn’t. Even the same person. The same is true now.

(It was a bridal shop, so we usually saw people multiple times.)

I have never waited tables nor given any kind of retail service.

I appreciate your honesty.

Is practicing medicine considered giving retail service? Then yes. I have gone out of my way to be extra reassuring to those patients who are very much out of their element, due to ethnicity or language or social differences.

No, I didn’t bother. They’re lousy tippers anyway.



What’s this “extra good job” concept you’re promoting?

It sounds kind of scary.

Well, it’s been three decades since my waitressing days but I cannot recall ever being extra nice and attentive to anyone because of race. I lived & worked in a very ethnically diverse area (Hollywood in the early '80’s) so that may have something to do with it. I did make a point of being extra nice to a couple people who were obviously “different” and other servers didn’t want to wait on them.

Yep. I tended bar in a dump. As long as you didn’t cause any trouble I was happy. Even happier if you actually tipped.

No, I was the opposite. I tended bar in a gay bar in the early 80’s and I would give very minimal or no service to straight people; usually kids from the local university who came in looking for a fight or to stare and laugh at the “fags”.

As a kid I worked in a convenience store, and I pumped gas. I pretty much just did what was expected. And anyway there were no other races where I grew up. Well, so few that you could go weeks or months without even thinking about it.

No, I like to be just slightly rude to them so they’ll know I don’t have any racism to overcompensate for.

Best ban them from the store completely - maybe put up a sign - just to prove how not racist you are.


I haven’t worked in customer service since I was in high school, but from the other end: yes, I as a customer find myself being extra-friendly to customer service people of certain ethnic groups that are not my own.

I’ve made the title more clear with what the thread is about.

Nope, doesn’t matter to me what color they are.
All money is green and that is the only color that matters.

Which, ironically enough, would be a racist action.

Yes. I’m extra nice to those in the racial minority in my area when they shop with us, partly to show I’m not one of *those *kinds of white people. Which is, as noted above, still racist. :frowning:

I once told a client that I suspected that I was “too White” to be able to help him much. Which I believed was the truth.

I think he appreciated my honesty as we had many conversations.