Beach Boys "Surfin Safari" Sara Sue?

Near the end of the Beach Boy song “Surfin’ Safari”, they sing, "They’re angling in Laguna and “Sara Sue”.

I grew up surfing here in southern California, so I know all the other surf spots they mention, but where the hell is “Sara Sue” or however its spelled.

Am I hearing the name of the place wrong?

“Theyre anglin in laguna in cerro azul”,_Peru

Thanks Shagnasty. Cerro Azul, Peru.

The spelling is right on that lyric website for the surf spot in Peru, but the next line on the site is "They’re kicking out in “Dohini”. Shouldn’t that be “Doheny” (as in Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California)?

Yes. The lyrics were obviously transcribed by someone outside of California. BTW, the surfing at Doheny has been for crap since the built the breakwater back in the early 70s.

Even if they hadn’t, you have to remember that Brian Wilson never went surfing himself- he just wrote songs about surfing. He just did what I would have done: tossed around the names of places that he’d HEARD were great spots for surfing. He didn’t know much about the subject firsthand.

Apropos of nothing, my dad almost won my mom over to naming me Sara Sue.