bean recipes

I would like a nice, easy recipe that involves beans as its main ingredient.
I have some pintos and also great northern ones.
Thank you.

Yum, beans!

If you have a pressure cooker, that is the best way to cook beans. They only need about 40 minutes and don’t need to be soaked.

I like to make chili beans by cooking up a big pot of beans with some browned onion and roughly chopped garlic. When they are done cooking, I throw in half a can of tomato sauce, some coriander, cumin, cayanne pepper and oregano, and let it cook uncovered until it is not soupy. I serve this over hotdogs, topped with grated cheese and chopped onions, or just over a bed of rice.

Mexican food is always a good way to use beans. I cook up a pot of beans and a pot of rice. While these are cooking, I shred some cheese and make a little batch of guacamole. Then I put some cheese on a tortilla, hold it over the cooking rice until the tortilla is soft and the cheese is melted. Pile high with beans (use a slotted spoon), rice and guacamole and a dash of salsa. The next day, I’ll mix the leftover beans (and bean juice) and rice together with a bunch of spices, some tomato sauce, and some frozen vegetables and make spicy bean and rice soup.

If that’s too involved, nachos are always good. Just fill a cassarole dish with tortilla chips, shred cheese over it, cover with spiced beans (I cheat and mix mine with shillings “Mexican seasoning”) and chopped onion and then bake until the cheese melts.

[aside]To each his own. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
For myself, “bean recipes” is an oxymoron, like “beanstalk recipes” would be to you, I’m guessing. [/aside]