Beanie Baby experts: please help

My wife owns a first edition Princess Diana purple Beanie Baby. The value of which appears to be anything between $44,000 to $175 on eBay.

How on Earth can we know how much to sell it for?

I’m not sure. If you get the info post it, I have one too. I need some of that money.

It is worth what a bidder is willing to pay, and not one penny more. What sellers are listing it for is merely their fantasy, winning bids on closed auctions are all that count. And those tell only what the bidders on that individual auction were willing to pay. Say that there are two people wanting this bear, and only one for auction on Ebay. The two get into a bidding war, one ends up with the bear for $1000. The next week, another bear comes up. Except now there is only one bidder left and they get it for the initial bid of three fiddy. Both of these are equally valid outcomes for the auction conditions of the moment, because the innate value of the bear is the value of a handful of plastic beads sewn into a bag. (Related article I googled up.)

According to this, depending on the version that you have, it is worth somewhere between $2.00 and $100.00. And here is another dream-crushing article.

Look at the sold listings on eBay to determine what people are actually willing to pay = what it’s worth… Looks like the range is $1.40 plus shipping to one outlier at $1500.00

It’s possible that the buyer was an idiot and maybe you’ll win the lottery if you list yours for that, or it’s also possible it was a money launderer.