Best eBay description ever?


That is pretty good.
Makes me almost want to bid on them…almost.

Now, the question that is in everyone’s minds, is Why exactly were you ebaying Beanie Babies?

Is there something we should know about? Should we take up a collection for your lobotomy surgery

I’ve seen this link around over the past couple of weeks, so I think I can probably exhonerate Jeff Olsen from accusations that he spends hours a day looking for Beanie Babies on Ebay. Unless, of course, he does.

interface got it. The link turned up on one of my favorite sites.

It’s been making its way around the internet actually. I first saw it posted over on Dave Barry’s blog.

It boggles the mind - 26 Beanie Babies for the winning bid of $860.00, I hope it is worth it.

It’s also been linked to on a site I know is a favorite of the previous posters. :wink:

I’m auctioning off a chunk of my hair, do I win anything?

F’in’ classic.

Unfortunatly the cynic in me has to wonder wether this is real or just a cute way to drive up the price/get publicity for a box of old toys.

There was a shop in town here that did a sale to, alegedly, pay for the owners divorce. Big banners saying “Mr Toscana needs all the money he can get to pay for his wifes divorce, massive sale now on”. Got him lots of free publicity and a nice buzz, but I don’t think anyone really believed it.


Don’t look at me, I searched for ebay beanie babies.

Check out his other auctions.

This guy’s a freakin’ genius. He’s figured another angle on the old “send me a dollar and make me rich” scam. I am in awe.

Not to mention the bids on the Beanie Babies are up to $860. Any publicity is good publicity as long as they code your link right…

Hilarious. I admire the man’s honesty.