Beans, beans, good for the heart (mild TMI, of course)

Upon reviewing the results of my latest cholesterol test, my doctor gibbered in horror and promptly informed me that I would be engaging in more healthful dietary practices, particularly in regards to increasing the amount of fiber in my diet.

So I’ve begun to do so. With the…inevitable atmospheric repercussions, let’s say. I’m half expecting to get an angry phone call from Hans Blix before too long.

So is this sort of thing a temporary phase? If so, any thoughts on how long it might be expected to last? Or should I buy stock in Beano, Inc.? Any other recommendations on how to mitigate the situation?

Your body should get used to it in a couple weeks. Most people that eat beans often do not have many problems.

I eat a lot of beans. I buy them dry and prepare them from scratch. If I lay off for a
week or so I can tell when I eat them again, it doesn’t take long for your digestion to
adapt. Bon Appetit!
BTW Beano works, in case you didn’t already know.

More advice to bean-eaters.

Buy a pressure cooker. They are scary and expensive, but they mean you can cook your beans from scratch in an hour, saving you time and tons of money. Dried beans are practically free (a 20lb bag is $10 at Costco) and can be made much more tasty than canned ones.

If you haven’t got a pressure cooker, and are cooking dry beans, be sure to soak them enough and get rid of the soaking water. A lot of the gas-producing chemicals wind up in the soaking water, so that will cut down on the effects.

Try Toot-Tone!

Question: How high was your cholesterol? Mine was over 200 or so combined, and my doc wanted to put me on some pill right away. I said I’d rather try it dietarily for a bit, and I did manage to lower the overall rating, though it’s still “borderline high.”

Just yesterday there was a story on yahoo about the benefits of cinnamon in lowering cholesterol. This means, more beans and more cinnamon; I can do that.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check out that pressure cooker and cinnamon issues too.

mailman, I don’t have the number in front of me, but “really fucking high” would not be an overstatement. Essentially, my doctor wants me to go for dietary changes to reduce the dosage of statins I’m going to have to take.