Bear alarms

I’m house-sitting for some friends this week. They live on about 300 acrea in a superb rural location. They take real care of their land and consequently all sorts of wildlife abounds here.

They have several birdfeeders around the house, much frequented by a host of species during the day. Unfortunately, these become bear-feeders at dusk. They have a dog that’s attuned to such things, and in 2 days there have been 5 bear alarms. I chased two bears off the front porch this evening: one was rather small and must have been a bear of the year; the other was substantial - a good 250 lbs. Fortunately, these bears seem timid and run away readily.

If last night is any guide, I’ll again be awakened at 3 this morning by barks as the dog notices another bear on the porch.