Bear gnaws on kayak


A bear is approaching a woman. She tells the bear she’s going to pepper-spray it, and to go away. The bear keeps coming, so she pepper-sprays it. She screams for it to go away. So the bear heads over to her kayak and starts gnawing on it. The woman tells it to stop, and to ‘Come here!’ For some reason, the bear ignores her attempts to reason with it. It’s almost like it doesn’t understand English, or something!

That is comedy gold.
Some of the last part could be a poetry reading at a third rate coffeehouse.

Watchers be warned. The NEXT video that autoloaded for me was a damn bloody half a body torso (from a bear attack).

That bear WAS an asshole though.

“Why are you eating that?! It’s not even food! It’s plastic! It doesn’t even taste good!”

No, wait that was me at McDonalds last week.

And hey, your right, that last part does sound like a bad poetry reading.

She’s just lucky it wasn’t a skin of frame kayak.

My guess is that she had some food packed away in that 'yak.

Poor, poor Kayaker.

Oh, wait.


In her defense, it can be reasonably assumed that every time she’s raised that voice in the past, every living creature within a quarter mile scrambled away to save itself the torment. Just her luck to find a bear whose deafness makes it immune to her only superpower.

And in a classic example of what the internet is good for, a parody surfaces just 5 days after her video posts to YouTube:

Ohh, Jezzus :slight_smile:

Either that parody is voiced by the original video lady or at least two women have voices that make everybody stabby.

Hahahahaha! :smiley:

Bear Grylls needs to get in this stat.

Imagine the original audio with him doing the action.

No, his cheesy outdoor drama lama overacting and that voice in combination would rip apart the fabric of space time.

I’m willing to take that risk!

Well, I do have to admit the comedy value might be worth the risk.

No way. He should play the kayak.

I love this bear video even if it is fake.

That’s funny. I’m thinking just photoshopping his face over the bear’s face.

If you had the time you could probably find clips from his shows doing stupid shit that matches the voice part of the video and paste them together.

Thanks for posting this, it’s been too long since I laughed this hard!

Could this woman be a relative?
This is an illegal stop, Bear!
Don’t write me a ticket, Bear!
Don’t make me get out of the car, Bear!

Agreed! :smiley: “Stop looking through my mail, bear! That’s a federal offense!”

Lord Nuzzles has a sense of humor I did not realize. During the original video, my cat vacated my lap, I assume because of the voice, but during the parody video he returned and purred loudly.:smiley: That was some funny stuff