Beard hair color vs. head hair color

Why is beard hair sometimes a different color from head hair? Perhaps there’s no answer for this, but after having been asked three times in the past week if I dye my beard, I’m beginning to wonder about why my hair is brown while my beard is reddish. What’s the difference between beard and head hair anyway?


I have the mismatch, too; my head hair is a medium brown, while my beard & mustache are almost black, with a few white hairs now that I’m rapidly bobsledding towards 40.

My beard also has a much different texture – it’s very coarse and a bit curly, almost like pubic hair, whereas my head hair is somewhat fine, and very straight.

As I recall Cecil saying (can’t find the column in the archive), curly hair tends to have an oval cross section, which encourages the hair to curl – straight hair has a more circular cross section.

I have the slightly auburn hair, and the flaming red beard as well. The conclusion I have come up with agrees with the thickness of the hair. Since hair is mostly translucent it makes since to me that thicker hair effects the color sbecause it has more substance to pass through.
For your homework assignment go to a bar and order a red ale in a bottle. Compare the way it looks through the neck against the way it looks through the body of the bottle. Repeat exercise as required. :slight_smile:

I’ve always wondered this as well. My hair is bright red/orange, yet my beard is brown/slightly red, my chest hair is dark, almost black.:confused:
My brothers hair is so blonde it’s actually white, yet he has a bright red bear.:confused:
My other brother has strawberry blonde hair, and a very white/blonde beard.:confused:
oh, and neither of my parents has white/blonde/red hair, and there’s not a drop of Irish blood in us.

By analogy, I think one could pose a question like: Why is it that the skin overlying my fingertips should have fingerprints while the skin on my forehead does not?

The OP emphasizes the similarities (we’re talking 'bout hair growing regions) while minimizing the differences (different site, different type of hair strand at site by textural criteria). Taking the proper extent of the non-chromatic differences differences between head hair and beard hair into account, IMHO one could rightly ask, why would there be an expectation that head hair and beard hair might be similarly colored?