Different colored hairs in my beard

Why do I have different colored hairs in my beard? I have dark brown hair (practically black) but on my chin and upper lip I have stray blondes here and there(actually the color I’m unsure of, someone called them copper, another said red). They are nowhere else on my body.

I’ve noticed this in the beards of my friends too. Does anyone have an explanation for this wacky phenomenon?

I used to have a lot of red in my beard (the rest of the hair on my head is brown). As I got older (mid-30s) most of the red has turned gray, so now my beard is more salt-and-pepper. Actually since the non-gray whiskers are brown, it’s more salt-and-dirt colored.

I prefer to think of it as “sugar and cinnamon” myself. Mind you, the mixture is getting awfully sugary as time goes by…

My beard did that too, it was mostly red with some brown, now its mostly grey with even less brown.

Mr. S used to have some hairs in his beard that we both swear were blue and green. Unfortunately that part has gone white now. :frowning:

I have totally dark brown hair except for my beard, which has some reddish brown hair. When I was very young I had totally red hair, but that changed when I was 3.

I have a red beard though I have blonde hair. Still can’t figure it out.

Also, ever notice that the gray hairs in your beard grow faster than the brown ones?

Well, see, it’s because those red pigments are too tired to climb to your scalp, so they choose to just settle into your beard. Which reminds me - if you’re going bald on your head, you shouldn’t grow a beard because the beard will suck hair nutrients away from your scalp. It’s true - I read it in a book called Old Wive’s Tales or some such thing.

The reds come from Iron in your system. Look to your relatives, that will determine your beard’s color

My father is Indian and has jet black hair. My mother has brown hair. It accounts for my hair’s shade, but the blondes in the beard baffle me.

I’ve got black hair, and my goatee is the same generally, but I do see lighter hairs now and again. Some are almost light enough to border on blond. When the goatee was longer, they were very visible- sometimes it looked like I had streaks. But not so much now.

I could’ve sworn I posted this in GQ, not MPSIMS.

That could have been mold. . .

Blond? That’s it? Please. You name it, it’s in my beard. The hair on my head (what there is of it, anyway) is either dark brown or gray. OTOH, My beard is brown, black, gray, blond, auburn, red, strawberry, etc., etc., etc.

I’ve never noticed anything other than dark brown, until the first errant white hair arrived. Since then, it’s been encroacing more and more.

Dammit. :frowning: I hate having that gray in there, more than in my head hair and temples… It looks like two stripes of white.

My own details are exactly the same as the OP. I have dark-brown, practically black hair with only the freak stray grey hair on my head. But my mustache and goatee hairs are a mix of black, brown, red, and blond. (not grey)

A while back I had a theory that it was from toothpaste/mouthwash somehow bleaching the hairs randomly. So, for a while I took extra care to not get sloppy while brushing and afterwards I would thoroughly rinse. No change. Maybe I didn’t try it long enough? I dunno.

Yeah, no help, I know. But I thought it was a plausible theory…

I wish someone would answer this. I have the same thing on my head. I am mostly blonde, but I have black hairs, and red, and brown.

An attempt at a factual answer, although it’s really little more than a WAG:

Given that hair color is determined by the amount of melanin present, perhaps localized concentrations of melanin would produce differently-colored hairs (just as on bare skin such concentrations produce moles, birthmarks, freckles, etc.).

Hair color, on your head and otherwise, is determined by multiple gene loci, and the mixture isn’t always expressed the same way in every hair follicle, especially if you have a wide variety to choose from. If you have brown hair, some individual hairs will be darker, or lighter, or redder, or browner than other hairs. This variation is normal, and the lack of variation in some dye jobs is what makes them look fake.

The different colors in your beard are just natural variation of gene expression. The variations are even more noticeable because the hair is a)shorter b) less dense and c) easier for you to see in the mirror.

It happens sometimes. Lots of blonde folks have red hair “down there.” My wife was just a medium shade of brown but I’m told her sister was red.