Beard that grows more on one side?

How common or rare is it to have significantly more hairgrowth on one cheek than on the other?

Pretty common actually. Most beard growth has to do with genetics, hormone levels and age. Asymetrical hair growth isn’t unusual and normally “corrects itself with age”. Of course if you are talking about a full beard on one side and almost none on the other, that IS pretty strange.


I know anecdotes are worthless in GQ, but personally my beard is a tad assymetrical if left to its own devices.

As is mine. It grows a bit thicker and certainly faster on the right.

Mine is assymetrical as well. I also grow next to nothing on my cheeks. I suppose the question is how much is “signifigant.”

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I’d only consider it “significant” if you’ve a great difference in right to left growth. Lacking hair on the cheeks, while growing it nicely on the jawline, or on the chin etc, isn’t all that big of a deal. There are a lot of men who are unable to grow certain patches of their beards, the most common one is the area that connects the moustasche to the chin.

Huh, and I thought it was just me. I have a thin patch just on the left side between my 'stach and my beard. My right side grows higher up my cheek as well.

There isn’t one part of my entire body that’s perfectly symmetrical, including my beard. The left side is slightly fuller, the hair is slightly coarser in places, and it’s turning gray slightly sooner.

My hair on my head doesn’t grow in symmetrically. I kinda wish I was a guy so I could grow a beard and then see if my beard and my head hair have the same lateralization.

Had I not shaved, I would say right now, “Hi Zombie, how do you like my 14-ft-long beard?”

And you might think I disturbed the peace of the grave purely out of strange pride, but it was to enter into the moribund thread this cite.

You have one cheek on the momma side and one on the poppa side. :slight_smile: Mine face hair is sparse and patchy, but simetrical (looks like I’m exception then). Can grow reasonbly acceptable goatee tho.

Zombies don’t know how to use razors, but…

Most living un-undead male persons can grow a beard. And most people trim their beards so that they are symmetrical…you don’t normally grow them out like Dusty and Billy from ZZ Top.