beastie boys album

I’ve been trying to find this cd for a while now, and I know someone here will be able to help me. As far as I know it’s called b-boy breaks original music sampled by the beastie boys. I heard it in a restaraunt, and the only song that I know for sure that’s on it is superfly by curtis mayfield. I found a cd on the web called b boy breaks 12 original tunes as sampled by the beastie boys, but it doesn’t have the track listing for superfly. Hence I’m lost and confused. Can someone please help me?


mAybe they just didn’t include it in the listing. Or… you could have been mistaken?

I don’t have the CD in question, just throwing out some alternative answers. Why not just buy it and see if it has any hidden or bonus tracks?

I know there is a 12" out with battle breaks of Beastie’s tunes. They could have sampled Superfly on it. Check out specialist hip hop stores that carry vinyl, and have a listen to it. If it’s one that I’m thinking of, it’s aimed at DJs, so you won’t find it in mainstream stores.