Can you recognize these songs?

I have some songs burnt on a cd by a mate, but without any kind of naming. I quite like some of them and would like to investigate further, but have no idea who the artists are.
[noparse] /unknown1.mp3]unknown1.mp3[/noparse]

The first one didn’t work for me.

The other two seemed like they were deliberately stripped of most of the identifying detail, which made them pretty generic.

So, no idea.

The third one sounds like it comes from Now That’s What I Call Porn Music! :smiley:

The first one didn’t work for me either. The other two sound like mostly synthetic, like a guitar player who is really good with ProTools made his own CD.

Unknown2 is “In 3s” off the Beastie Boys album “Check Your Head.”

Song 1 sounds vaguely like Surfing With The Alien-era Joe Satriani, but the song doesn’t seem to match any on that album. Song 2 has got that Metallica-esque chord slow song chord progression to it, with a Dream Theater-type rhythm section and production to it, but it’s certainly not the former, and I’m not familiar enough with the latter, although it sounds a little too straightforward to be Dream Theater.

Unknown3 sounds like something Robert Fripp/Adrian Belew* might make (with a cross of Metallica there at the beginning). I was thinking it was a remake of a Crimson King song off Larks Tongues In Aspic.

*Not sure which had this sound - always getting them mixed up.

Thanks! (one of maybe three BB albums I don’t have :rolleyes:) They really do some kick-ass instrumentals.

Link for the first one again: [noparse][/noparse]
(a space had crept into the address)

1 and 3 both sound very Vai/Satch-like, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t either of them… I’m thinking it’s some relatively unknown soloists.

I edited them and just uploaded the first minute or so, didn’t want any trouble with the local law :wink: I figure if someone knows the songs it’s enough.

Unknown 3 sounds so very familiar to me…but I can’t place it - are there any vocals in the full version?

no, they’re all completely instrumental.

Well, I’ve passed along the links to some guitar geek friends of mine who listen to that type of guitar instrumental music, and nobody has any idea. Other than comments that the first one sounds kinda like Satch, but with a different tone, a suggestion of Gary Hoey has been thrown out there for the other tune, but none of the Hoey tunes I’ve heard on iTunes really sound like it.

Could you link to songs that don’t download automatically? I don’t appreciate getting an automatic, unwarned download (which all of your links are, unspun).

They play in-browser here for me. If your browser is configured to download mp3s (which they are, obviously, given their extension and link) then what do you expect? I don’t think you can exactly admonish unspun for this.

Moderator comment: Since these links are automatic downloads, I’ve un-parsed them so no one goes there accidentally.

No blame to unspun, just being precautious about links.