Beatles "Love Songs" on CD

Lately, kaylasmom and I have been obsessed with finding the Capitol Records release of the Beatles’ Love Songs on CD. We found a place that will transfer our own copy of the LP to CD (operating on the principle that it is legal to make a backup copy of an LP that you own), or they will sell us a combo set of a used LP and the CD that was made from it. The combo version is a bit pricey for our blood, and we don’t have a copy of the LP on vinyl, so I went to ebay to see if I could obtain one.

Imagine my surprise, to learn that two sellers are ofering to sell the CD as released by Capitol. The surprise is in the apparent fact that Capitol actually released the album on CD. kaylasmom is wondering if the CD as released by Capitol has the insserts that appeared in the original LP (poster, lyric booklet).

So how 'bout it? Any Dopers own this [del]record[/del] CD? Did it come with the lyric booklet and poster?

Many thanks for any informative answers.

Don’t have the CD, but as an aside, for $3.99 at radio shack you can get a cable to connect your record player or stereo to your computer. For free you can find a shareware program that records mp3 (or any format you want) of whatever you’re playing into your computer. record each song as seperate tracks for burning onto a cd or putting into Itunes. much, much cheaper than geting a transfer, especially if you’ve got a bunch of records you want on CD

The CD copies being sold on eBay are bootlegs. This album has never been legitimately released on CD.

Like Bootis, I have no info about the CD, but wanted to comment that connecting your turntable to the computer through a USB port is great. We bought one of these recently, and have been converting lots and lots of vinyl to mp3 that way. The free, open-source software you’d want to use is probably Audacity.

Sorry for the hijack.

Love Songs is, IMO, very unlikely to come out on CD. It dates from an era when the Beatles had much less influence over the Beatles product EMI/Capitol released, and once the Beatles took better control of their affairs, they weeded out a lot of those cash-in releases (“Rock n’ Roll Music” is another one). I was actually surprised that they even released the Red and Blue Albums.

Thanks for the heads-up on that CD being a bootleg, Biffy. As for the business of hooking up the turntable to my computer, we no longer have a turntable.