Beatles Poll: The Runners-Up

So, after tabulating all the counts, here are the top 30 vote getters (by %) which didn’t actually win their individual album’s poll. If you had to pick a single song to compete in the final Top Beatles Song poll, which would it be? (There can be only one)

It wound up being a choice between I Want To Hold Your Hand and Tomorrow Never Knows and I chose I Want… 'cause I can play it on the gee-tar.

Ticket to Ride. I didn’t vote in the Help! poll, but that would have been my choice.

I’m kinda surprise that the “Forgotten” poll has yielded twice as many votes as this one thus far…

There weren’t many contenders on that list. This list has too many that I want to vote for.

True. The runners-up list on this catalog, whatever its final configuration, almost ***have ***to be solid quality from beginning to end. A reasonable person may be torn here. Either side of the Paperback Writer/Rain single is outstanding work, a harbinger of the sophistication to come, deserving every accolade. But Yesterday and Something not among the winners… really? Not the raucously rockin’ cover of Twist and Shout, or the melancholy musings of Norwegian Wood?

Damn, this one’s the hardest!

Again my vote goes to Blackbird, the greatest Beatles song.

Ticket To Ride. It’s my favourite Beatles song.

Ack. Went with “Dear Prudence” because I could. Seriously difficult decision here.

As a young child I had the single of I am the Walrus on a 45 and it scared the heck out of me. I could not stop playing it.

Some 30 years later it still continues to blow me away.

weekend bump

Please Please Me is my favorite Beatles song, so it gets the nod, as much as it pains me to not be able to vote for Nowhere Man.

Something, but I admit that both Dear Prudence and Revolution 1 called to me quite strongly.

I was torn between “Let it Be” and “Something.” So I did a comparison, and “Something” definitely won.

“. . . and all I have to do is think of her.”


I Am The Walrus. Again.

Bump so we can hit 3 digits.