Top 6 @ 6 Week #6. Your Beach Boys Favorites AND The Beatles results from Week #5

Polling is closed. Thanks again to the Dopers who responded.

First: Results from last week’s Beatles poll. The Fabs garnered alot of responses, right up there with there with Tori. Now history, we can now add it to the pile of Animals, Aerosmith, Allman Brothers, or Tori Amos polls.
I concur. It was a tough poll to answer and hope any marital rifts are as of now resolved. It’s not a very static poll, as pointed out by a number of posters who pointed out the tastes in Beatles faves change by the day/week or mood. I believe this is the 1st poll that’s even piqued the interest of a moderator.

As predicted by HoldenCaulfield, coming in first with 11 votes…Eleanor Rigby
The Runners up:[list=]
[li]8 Votes For: Hey Jude [/li][li]7 Votes For: A Day In The Life [/li][li]6 Votes For: Here Comes the Sun, Strawberry Fields Forever & Ticket to Ride [/li][li]5 Votes For: Here, There & Everywhere, Hey Bulldog, I Am the Walrus, In My Life & Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [/li][li]4 Votes For: And Your Bird Can Sing, Norwegian Wood, The Things We Said Today, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Yesterday & You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [/li][li]3 Votes For: Blackbird, Helter Skelter, Paperback Writer, Penny Lane, Rain, The Long and Winding Road & The Abbey Road Medley[/list][/li]Bringing up the rear, with 2 votes each:[ul][li]And I Love Her [/li][li]Day Tripper[/li][li]Get Back [/li][li]I Feel Fine [/li][li]I Want You (She’s So Heavy) [/li][li]I’m Happy Just To Dance With You [/li][li]Long, Long, Long [/li][li]Maxwell Silver’s Hammer [/li][li]No Reply [/li][li]Revolution (Single)[/li][li]Rocky Raccoon [/li][li]Taxman [/li][li]Tomorrow Never Knows [/li][li]We Can Work It Out [/li][li]When I’m 64[/ul] Finally, with 1 lowly vote each: [ul]All My Loving[/li][li]Bungalow Bill [/li][li]Can’t Buy Me Love [/li][li]Day in the Life [/li][li]Doctor Robert [/li][li]Eight days a week [/li][li]Fool On The Hill [/li][li]For No One[/li][li]For You Blue [/li][li]Good Day, Sunshine [/li][li]Got to Get You Into My Life [/li][li]Happiness is a Warm Gun [/li][li]Hard Day’s Night [/li][li]Hello Goodbye [/li][li]Help[/li][li]I Saw Her Standing There [/li][li]If I Fell [/li][li]I’ll Be Back [/li][li]I’m a loser [/li][li]I’m Down[/li][li]I’m Looking Through You [/li][li]I’m Only Sleeping [/li][li]Julia [/li][li]Lady Madonna[/li][li]Lovely Rita [/li][li]Michelle [/li][li]Misery [/li][li]Money[/li][li]Nowhere Man [/li][li]Ob La Di Ob La Da [/li][li]Only a Northern Song [/li][li]Paper Back Writer [/li][li]Revolution 9 [/li][li]Sexy Sadie [/li][li]She Said She Said [/li][li]She’s Leaving Home [/li][li]Something [/li][li]Two of Us [/li][li]Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? [/li][li]Within You Without You[/li][li]Yellow Submarine [/li][li]You Won’t See Me [/li][li]Your Mother Should Know[/ul][/li]
Secondly: This weeks poll. The second of the “B” bands: The Beach Boys as per K364’s request. (Sorry ** 5 time champ**…The Atlanta Rhythm Section would be lost in oblivion in the matter of 4 hours. If you wish to include any Brian Wilson solo tracks, please feel free. Once again, if you feel we’ve alphabetically passed over a band or two, say so…if not, next week will feature (postponed) Jeff Beck.

On with the poll. Here are my 6 Beach Boys picks:

  1. I Get Around
  2. Barbara Ann
  3. Kokomo (Sorry purists, Junior High School engraining)
  4. California Dreaming (Cover Version)
  5. Good Vibrations
  6. Heroes And Villains

Thanking you all in advance

Not in any order…

  1. Vege-Tables (the weird, bouncy, outtake version with Paul McCartney from the lost “Smile” album, not the awful, draggy version from “Smiley-Smile” )
  2. Good Vibrations
  3. Help Me Rhonda
  4. God Only Knows
  5. Sloop John B.
  6. Wouldn’t it be Nice?


Just as an aside, you do know that “Barbara Ann” is also a cover-recording? It was written and originally performed by The Regents about 5 years earlier. Also, you did know that Dean (or Jan and Dean) sang with the Beach Boys on their recording of “Barbara Ann”?


  1. Good Vibrations
  2. Sloop John B
  3. Caroline, No
  4. California Girls
  5. God Only Knows
  6. Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Thanks, and actually, I did. In fact I have proof, as posted here on AWB’s girl song titles. The Jan & Dean tidbit I’d never heard, that’s interesting. Do you know if that was that pre- or post- car accident?

The only reason I put cover version after California Dreaming was to protect myself from a poster saying, “Perhaps you were thinking of the Mama & Papas.” Similar to the incident that happened here when Chief implied Ratt (yuch!) , not Aerosmith recorded a version of Round & Round.

It’s not very good, btw: I’ve heard it and the Beach Boys version is much better.

Dunno. But it was 1966. Does that help?


(You counted seven votes for “A Day In the Life” and one for “Day In the Life,” so it actually ties with “Hey Jude,” for whatever that’s worth.)

1-Sloop John B
2-God Only Knows
4-Good Vibrations
5-Barbera Ann
6-Surfin USA

  1. Good Vibrations
  2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
  3. California Girls
  4. Barbara Ann
  5. Sloop John B.
  6. Help Me Rhonda

I’m also delighted and amazed that “Hey Bulldog” held its own with the Beatles.

umm, sorry but i did NOT imply that ratt recorded round and round!
i mentioned which aerosmith album it was on!

  1. Good Vibrations
  2. Don’t Worry Baby
  3. I Get Around
  4. Help Me Rhonda
  5. Sloop John B
  6. Wouldn’t it Be Nice

Thanks JohnBckWLD for doing the Beach Boys. My picks:

  1. Good Vibrations
  2. Surf’s Up
  3. Till I Die
  4. God Only Knows
  5. Wouldn’t it be nice

Hm… this isn’t nearly s hard as the Beatles, but there are STILL an awful lot of songs I’d LIKE to have on this list. Since I have to winnow it down to 6, though…

#6: Do It Again
#5: Sail On, Sailor
#4: God Only Knows
#3: I Get Around
#2: Heroes and Villains
#1: Caroline, No

#1 Wouldn’t it be nice
#2 God Only Knows
#3 Good Vibrations
#4 Little Deuce Coupe
#5 Caroline No
#6 Sloop John B.

Oh, and just for the record, Sloop John B. is an old folk song. The Beach Boys didn’t write it.

  1. “God Only Knows”
  2. “Don’t Worry Baby”
  3. “I Get Around”
  4. “Caroline, No”
  5. “Good Vibrations”
  6. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

As long as we’re backing up, any possibility for a poll on The Band?

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun
  2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  3. Good Vibrations
  4. Surfin USA
  5. I Get Around
  6. Surfer Girl
  1. Heroes and Villians
  2. Good Vibrations
  3. Don’t Worry Baby
  4. California Girls
  5. Shut Down
  6. Help Me Rhonda
  1. Surfin USA
  2. Surfin Safari
  3. Sloop John B.
  4. God Only Knows
  5. Good Vibrations
  6. California Girls (especially the vocal arrangement of the second group of verses. For my money, one of the most sublime moments in rock history)

Hey! If we’re backing up, you missed The Archies. How many other groups defined an entire genre?