Beautiful berry salad, ugly many-legged surprise

So, obviously not for the squeamish.

I had some gorgeous berry salad - blackberries, raspberries, blueberries - from the Fresh Market in the fridge that I got yesterday, and I’m trying to be sooo good and eat lunch at work and save money, right? 'Cause of all that making offers on houses. So I says, I says let’s take these beauiful berries for dessert! Along with the chicken salad, the Coke, and the trail mix for break, because I was in a real hurry and I leave early on Wednesdays anyway. So far so good.

So I get down to the staff room, and I tuck into my chicken salad, which was good, and I eat my berry salad, which was also good. And I get down to the last little raspberry, and I spear it with my fork, and pick it up, and what should be clinging to the bottom of it? An intruder.

A nasty, nasty intruder. With a lot of legs. A lot. It’s dead, of course, but somehow I’d almost prefer it to be alive than to be presented with a corpse. So I give it a shudder, but say, hey, at least I’m done so it won’t put me off the rest of my food. And I pack my lunch back up and spend the rest of my lunch break working on this mortgage question. And when I’ve got an appointment I call my mom, to see if she’ll come with me, for emotional support. And of course I tell her about the foreign invader in my lunch.

And she says, “Well, at least there weren’t any on the rest of it.”

And I said… pause… :eek:

Because, of course, there most certainly could have been. May have been. Dare I say, quite possibly were?

Oooh, I feel ill.

On the plus side, think of all the extra protein you may have gotten along with all the berry goodness. That should make you feel better.

What the many-legged surprise beasties’ friends really hate is when you use one of the corpse’s legs as floss, when you’re done eating. That’s just RUDE! :smiley:

Just for my revolting need-to-know brain, this morning I looked around in the rest of the berry salad I had in the fridge before throwing it away - there were two more.

So you know I ate one.


I once ate a bowl of raisin bran, then went to close the box and saw cobwebby things in the bag. I shook some out onto the table and saw lots of dead bugs. I just figured hey, if I’m woman enough to eat raisins

Are you going to bring the salad to Fresh Market and complain? I got $15 worth of coupons from Kellogs for my pain.

I meant Kellogg, dammit.

knew I shouldn’t have come in here. I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.

::Runs screaming from thread::

A co-worker just walked over and asked what I was reading. Rather than trying to come up with some elaborate lie concerning how this is related to work, I summarized the OP. He then told me about the peach he was eating yesterday. A straight from the orchard peach. It had straight from the orchard tiny ants inside it. He said it was so good, he kept eating it anyway…

Where’s the puke smiley?

You see? This is why I don’t like organic food. Sometimes, it’s a little too organic. Give me my pesticide laden berries full of preservatives. I might get cancer from them, but hey…at least I didn’t eat a bug.

Nah, I guess I ought to take it to them and throw a fit, but I already threw it away and plus, I love them so much I guess I can eat a few bugs for them. As long as their bourbon salmon is insect free, and also their cajun crab dip, I can overlook a few extra legs.

A lot of a few extra legs, though.

Obligatory Link

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about bugs on fruit a lot lately. Perhaps because it’s the season and I’m buying boxes of fruit a lot more often than usual. I did chop up the strawberries I bought today, so I know damn well there were no insects. (Click the link and you’ll eat them my way, too!)

Once, in the middle of a bag of salad, I found a big, fat, minty-green beetle. Whole, intact. All of its legs attached. It was about the size of a nickel.


Well, at least it was the whole beetle you found…