Beautiful Friend, The END

Sometimes, I’m afraid that maybe I’m insane.

But then, really insane people never think they’re insane, and the people who think they might be insane are probably truly sane.

At least, that’s what Flambo the invisible clown tells me to burn things says.

You’ve been reading too much Catch-22…

I have told people for a long time that if they think they might be insane, then they are sane. It’s only when you stop questioning your sanity that you have to worry.

The way I’ve always heard it, it’s okay to talk to yourself, but it’s not okay to have a conversation…

My dad always said that it was ok to talk to yourself, as long as you don’t say “hmmmm what was that you said?”

I dunno I talk to myself probably 100 times a day.


Who said that~?

Great. Now my thoughts are being translated to 0’s and 1’s and transmitted across cyberspace and into the SDMB.


FYI, insane people can realize that there’s something wrong with them. Therefore the old adage that “if you think you might be crazy, you’re not” isn’t really true. But I’m not gonna go pointing any fingers around here.

Qadgop, MD

Everyone has internal monologue, right?

“Should I ask the gang over for dinner tomorrow night? I’d have to clean the house. And what would we eat? Pizza. Wait, Dan won’t eat pizza. Sheesh, he’s like the only person in the world who won’t eat pizza. But he probably won’t be off tomorrow night anyway. Maybe Dave and Jennifer will come. I’ll have to make sure to get a vegetarian pizza if Jennifer comes.”

So it’s okay to do this in your head. Why is it not okay to do this out loud? I mean, it’s just part of the unfreezing process, right?

  1. Get a dog. Talk to the dog. Weird, but common…and not as weird as talking to yourself.

  2. Get a cell phone. Don’t bother with phone service. Talk into the cell when you talk to yourself.


Oooh! Another fan of Top5’s Ruminations? :slight_smile: (I just wanted to give credit where credit is due – according to yesterday’s Ruminations mailing list, the “Flambo the invisible clown” quote is from one Mr. Josh Sinnett.)

I’m perfectly sane. It’s everybody else that’s crazy! :wink:


its perfectly ok to talk to yourself.

its not ok to not listen.

What are you trying to say? I’M crazy? When I went to your schools? I went to your churches? I went to your institutional learning facilities?
I’m not crazy!
You’re the one that’s crazy!
You’re driving me crazy!


Oh my beloved ice cream bar! How I love to lick your creamy center!

only the insane are the enlightened…:slight_smile: