Routine Talking to Myself, and You_Know_Me

I assume that everyone talks to himself silently. Things like “bread, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, kleenex, … and what else?”; things like “set the snooze for 20 minutes”… stuff like that, in his own voice.

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been adding "hmmm"s, and "no, maybe not"s to my inner yacking.

But last night I startled myself. I was going back to bed, and thinking about whether I wanted to lie down on my back, or on my right or left sides. And I heard myself silently saying to myself, “well, you know me, usually the right side first”…

You know me??? I’m in my own brain, talking in my own voice, to my own self…

Am I getting older, getting lonelier, or headed toward insanity?

Then, this morning, I take a looksie at SDMB, and there’s the “welcome to our newest member” and it’s “you_know_me”. Wow. Cool coincidence.

Insanity. Definitely insanity. :wink:

I’ll vote for getting lonelier, with a side of insanity.

Thanks, Arwen and iconoclast.

How about Delightfully eccentric?? It sounds more socially acceptable.

I’ll not go into how much talking to myself I do or to what degree… :o

So let’s see…

You’re talking to our newest Doper as you’re getting into bed.

Sounds like another engagement thread!

:: throws confetti ::

If it helps, I don’t think you’re weird. That would make me utterly bizarre, and I can’t have that!

I do that too…:eek:

i have been doing this for ages, too, do not eeven remember when or why i’d started.I have mantras, and everything.

One of my former bosses even gave me shit for talking to my self. Such a PUTZ!