Because I know how much the SDMB loves their zit videos...

Um, yeah… that’s the the site I linked to… well, not the Youtube but her actual website.

One thing I agree with … on many of the vid comments on the web is the word “satisfying”. There is nothing like popping a zit whether white, black or “holy crap!!”. I hit “holy crap!” when popping daily a “zit” on my diabetic mother… which turned out to be a staph infection. I missed a few days and then stopped home… and then ran her to the ER. One of those “I feel sick but don’t want to bother any one” things.

I’m in my 40s and thought I would be over zits by now. Nope. Monthly hormonal induced ones, weekly ones (fill up in a week) and the odd one showing up here and there. Having big pores in the first place sux. Blackheads have no chance because I squeeze what I can see despite the “don’t pick at your face, see a dermatologist!”

Why hasn’t he had it removed? I mean… I have a skin tag/maybe mole since I was a baby in my scalp that I can ignore. The only time I think about it is if I comb vs brush my hair and I always tell any hair cutters about it. But it’s more like the size of a nasty deer tick (pinky finger nail sized/tiny bit smaller) vs… a golf ball.

I’m thinking about getting it removed. It, my “beauty mark” on my lip which is now growing “witch hairs”* and a mole on my back ( it’s flesh colored but annoying cos I can feel it ).

But I don’t know/haven’t checked if our insurances will cover what amounts to cosmetic surgery.
*since it’s a mole I can’t shave them off (the 3 or 4 hairs sprouting from it), I’ve thought about some kind of fire to sizzle the hair gone but I don’t even trust my hunnybunny to do that w/o pain. But I’ve almost hit the point of… get rid of the moles and being able to wax my woman mustache (olive skin tone to almost black/dark red brown when I suntan, mixed with black-ish hair… thanks German and Native American heritage).

Almost. Otherwise, I don’t care what others think when they see me. I’m sure they see my white hair first (all around my temple when brushed back) … or my waist length blowrned hair (black, brown and the red highlighted tips) or me being “brown” while being in the Midwest. Unless they think I’m Hispanic. Or, nowadays… Muslim.

And me being fat.

I was waiting for him to pull the sac out with his teeth.

I saw one of those head cysts removed in a really elegant way – the doc managed to cut the skin above it, but not into the cyst. The whole cyst – totally unpunctured – just popped out of the incision. The doc just had to remove the little tail.

He’s chosen to leave it alone under the doctrine: “If it ain’t botherin’ me, I ain’t botherin’ it.” He did offer to get it removed when we started dating, if it creeped me out. It doesn’t. I mostly forget it’s there until a discussion like this comes up, and I get the itch to splorch it again…

Very elegant. But no splorch? Sadness…

Good cysts are like geodes or those fancy filled candies; you can’t just look at the outside without wanting to know what manner of glories (or disappointments) hides within.

Tell him it’s full of teeth; you might get him curious enough …

A guy self-lancing and draining a Pilonidal Cyst.

You have been warned.


I’ve seen a fair share of zit videos now - and they are ‘interesting’ for sure -

I just ran accross this booger from hell video during the youtube surf.

Hole E Fuck!

I gagged the first time I watched. Being an idiot I watched it a second time. That time I almost threw up three times.

The 9/11 appointment was a do-over, and this is how he was able to remove it. The first time, he squeezed out the contents and then removed the capsule - but not all of it, because that’s why it grew back. It also got infected in the interim, which wasn’t fun either.

However, that 9/11 appointment took care of it, even though the scar STILL itches sometimes.

Motherlode pore on the leg!

I think I’m a seriously sick little monkey, because all I could think while watching that was “Dammit, stop wiping it away! I want to see how much you get out of there!” :eek:

I used to think so too until there was one where it ended up being a bug of some kind. I have a fear of bugs crawling into my ear so I don’t watch those anymore

The thing to fear is when they crawl back out … the other ear.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The dude pinching it needs some gloves. He totally got that shit under his fingernails. Oh My god! :eek: