Favorite pimple stories (maybe TMI)

So a few weeks ago I was washing my butt in the shower and I noticed a lump. I didn’t think much of it, as hey, we all get ass pimples. Over the next couple of days it got bigger and bigger and began to hurt, I was afraid I maybe had a hemmroid (at age 18!) and was getting worried. I put a warm washcloth on it to see if that would help and when I took it off, there was a large white head on the thing. I thought I might as well get it over with and squeezed. Holy #$^&! I could hear the pop and hear the blood and whatever the stuff inside it was hit the shower wall! There was quite a huge mess on my hand and all over the shower. There must have been at least a tablespoon full of junk in there! I was so suprized I nearly wet myself, as I thought I had hit an artery or something. I soon realized I had popped the mother of all pimples and it was on my butt. I gave it one more good squeeze and it happened again! After that, it was all gone and I washed myself off, and applied hydrogen peroxide to the bastard to make sure it wouldn’t be re-infected.
Why don’t you share your favorite pimple story with me?

I’m jealous!! I love a good zit.

Believe me, I’d be willing to work out an equitable trade, if such a thing were possible… :o

I was standin down on the corner, and I’m tellin you I had some MADFLY bitches bringin me money ALL NIGHT LONG.

Then SupaFly comes up to may, and that jive turkey tries to lay down some shit on me that I aint heard since …

Oh, PIMPLE stories.
Nevermind. :o

Well, this beats my story about the one in my ear and 7th grade French class.

Another un-top-able OP! Damn!

I can top it with a sinus infection story.

I usually get a nasty cold that leads to an even worse sinus infection at least once year and it generally takes a month or two to get rid of. I hate being congested and have to blow my nose like crazy. Last year I was at the tail end of one of these episodes and thought I had gotten rid of most of the congestion. I was blowing my nose and felt this weird rattle way up in my sinus cavity when I breathed afterward. It was driving me nuts so I determined to see if there was anything in there and begin blowing so hard I expected my brains to come through my nose, and then suddenly I felt a fullness in my nose and blowed harder and then IT came out.

Now we’ve all blown runny mucus and snot out of our noses but this was a different animal. It was this thick, strong rope of yellow green mucus that hung together like rubber cement. I stared at the Kleenex hardly believing what had just come out of my nose. It had this funky (not super strong but noticable) infected smell to it. I prodded it with a paper clip out of amazement and it’s tensile strength was amazing. It was like a rubber band.

I was a bit freaked out by this so I renewed by blowing efforts and got one more rope of similar mucus for my efforts from the other (left) sinus cavity. Suddenly my sinuses felt clear for the first time in a very long time. I could feel this huge volume of air moving through them. It only lasted for a few minutes before my normal 24/7 stuffiness returned.

I couldn’t believe those things were parked up there! How the hell long was I carrying those nasty things around?

*Maybe * TMI?

Is there a hole for me to get sick in?

Way back in high school I had a huge zit right on the tip of my nose. And wile I was being harrassed by the prettist girl in class I felt I had taken enough shit for this zit. So I gave it a squeze and pop it shot out and hit her right in the forehead! I was the hero of all the freeks and geeks for weeks afterwards:D
**Freeks and Geeks for Weeks **
Talk about a good band name.:cool:

It is rather satisfying when you have One of Those Zits that has the solid stuff in it, and when you squeeze it, it shoots out on to the mirror.

Sorry, I don’t have a specific cool pimple story. I wouldn’t mind hearing the one about The Ear Zit in the English Class.

Ooh ooh, on second though, I do have a weird pimple story, but it didn’t happen to me. I had a friend in Middle School that ended up in the hospital with a brain absess. Apparently it started from a zit in her nose that she messed with. Weird.

Well, so much for lunch.

Anyone interested in being an MPSIMS moderator for a day? Ugh.

I had one many years back that was on the same scale as renegademaster’s, except that it was on my face.

I noticed a large, but not freakishly so, pimple had formed on my left temple, so I decided to give it a squeeze…


After recovering from the recoil, I looked up to see a huge spatter of blood and pus splashed across the mirror. Further gentle prodding brought forth a quarter-sized dollop of yellowish goop, but not too much blood. After washing my hands and cleaning the mirror, I could still feel the soft resistance of another pimple sac further beneath the skin. I decided to press my luck. This one also produced a gout of blood that hit the mirror in an audible spray.

Ah, pimples. A pain in the ass, sure, but sometimes they can be downright entertaining.

Isn’t it amazing the sounds that the human body can make. Like popping a zit and hearing the fart sound as pus goes shooting everywhere. Ah, the simple pleasures…

I am horrified with my own fascination with this topic. My first thought this morning was “Oh good, 12 replies! Maybe there will be some good stories!”

Ditto. And what’s WORSE is that I’m really starting to regret that course of Accutane I endured… :wink:

Color me a freak too, I love the satisfaction of popping the really big ones, I am actually looking forward to my kid getting acne.

You guys are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

All these great stories, now I don’t feel like so much of a weirdo. :smiley: I told my mum about what happened, and she said she was jelous. She is one of those "you have something on your face, (sqeeze) “OW!” people

I love to pop zits. If I could get away with it, I’d chase down strangers and pop their zits. I used to make my boyfriends endure untold hours of me squeezing all the zits on their back.

Ahhh… zits. Love em.

oh OpalCat, I don’t know if that’s the nicest thing I ever heard or the meanest.

Like CrankyAsAnOldMan and auntie em, I couldn’t be more pleased this morning. Sadly, if you put TMI on it, I’ll read it. I had a good pimple, though not of the violently expulsed bodily fluid types, several weeks ago. I shave my nether regions, and was beginning to get the irritating stubble back as I lapsed into shower sloth (on a sidenote, putting in your contacts before getting in the shower really helps with getting a smooth and straight landscaping job). Anyhoo, I was scratching about trying to relieve the stubble itch when I noticed a little lump. I got the mirror out and took a look, and discovered an ingrown hair. Ick. I couldn’t possibly leave the hair ingrown–after all, the joys of popping a zit are neck and neck with the joys of extracting a seriously ingrown hair, especially from the armpit. But that’s really another thread, isn’t it? I dug about with the tweezers and got the hair out–a long sucker, looked like it had been there awhile. But there was still a lump there. I gave it a preliminary squeeze, and out came a massive, larva-like blackhead, of near-epic hardness and girth. “My God,” I muttered, and placed it carefully on my nightstand, and showed it to my mother that evening.