Your Most Memorable Mega-Zit?

I recently realized that it’s been several years since I had a mega-zit . . . I had cystic acne from the time I was 11; since turning 40, action in the zit department has finally abated.

Perversely, though, I find that I kinda miss having a huge zit to cultivate and squish now 'n then.

My most memorable mega-zit happened when I was 19 and was on the side of my nose, right on top of the “side nosebone.” It started as a deep underground growth, spread out to be about 1.5" at the base, then came to a volcanic head about a week later. It exerted intense pressure on my sinuses and it was a relief when I was finally able to pop it. It contained more than two tablespoons of pus and was truly monumental.

Won’t you share your special zit story?

Ahh yes, the nose zit. The most obvious, painfull, and totally inconcealable of them all. My favorite was as a sophmore in highschool. It wasv huge, just to the left of the very tip. I treated it heavily with alcohol and clearisil (It may have been Oxy 10). In the early stages I would squeaze it but only get some watery substance to percolate through the skin. One morning (Day three I beleive the treatment had done something) I stood in front of the mirror and sqeezed like it was the last chance I had.

I will honestly say, I beleive this is the first mirror shot of my life. This pussy oily liquid squirted out of some hole in the skin, hit the mirror and began to trickle down the glass. There was no obvious hole, but I gave it a few mare squeezes. Rather than hit the mirror, the same pussy substance just popped to the surface.

It worked. This monstrosity immediately began to shrivel up like thw wicked witch of the west. My friends even complemented me on how quickly it cleared up after that.

I have never confessed this one before - it was awful and awesome. Right beside my nose, and at its full growth I swear it was as large as my nose. It had been percolating for about a week, with no results. Going home one night I gave it a tenative pat, and felt that deep pain that told me “it’s TIME!”. When I got home I went straight to the mirror, washed my hands and gave a careful, deep squeeze. Bingo! I was rewarded with a 5-6" circle of bb-sized pus droplets, with a center core about a half inch long.

The damn thing was almost invisible the next day.

oh. dear. God…

it’s started again.

Oh, hey, where’s Coldfire when you need him?

God. I’m so jealous of all of you.

The best one I ever had was an ingrown hair on the inside of my left thigh, and it wasn’t much. Maybe a teaspoon of pus and 2" of hair.

I had one right in the middle of my forehead. It was huge and incredibly sore for about a week. Finally, one night, I just squeezed the bejeezus out of it, and got at least a teaspoon of pus out of it, and, at the very bottom, a fucking rock. I guess it was piece of hardened pus, but it was the size and consistency of a chunk of gravel.

Ah the joys of being a teenager. Before I discovered Betacarotene pills (clear up blocked poors like nothing else, wonderful stuff), I always got awful ones. I have a recurring one on the side of my nose and I have shot the mirror with it more than once.

Infected hair follicles are something else entirely. Recently, I got a huge one on the back of my neck, so painful I couldn’t lie on my back. When I finally squeezed it, I had my fingers wrapped in TP and a good inch wide circle was stained with blood and lymph. The core was like a grain of sand.

Not me, but my SO…from the day I met him he had a zit that turned into a cyst on the back of his neck. I asked him about it and he told me a German doctor tried to remove it once but supposedly, it was too near a major nerve.

Fast forward 20 years…the size of large walnut, he had barely touched it over the years but suddenly it started to itch badly. Went to a doctor here in the USA…doctor made an appointment and, well, it wasn’t pretty…he told me the smell was worse than any French cheese and the doctor had to mop the floor afterwards.

You would never know he had anything on his neck now - the doctor did a great job, and my SO is still pissed after hearing the American doctor say, “You could have easily had this removed years ago if you had gone to a dermatologist.”

Teaspoons. Wow. :eek:

After my junior year in the summer of 2003 year I took physics. I get a couple bumps here and there when the classes get stressful, but nothing epic as this. I got one such blemish on the left side of my nose as the class wrapped up. It started small, but hurt like hell for the first few days–flaring my nostrils made it feel like someone had hit me in the cheekbone with a hammer. While I was studying one afternoon the weekend before the final, I found it had softened a little bit. It still hurt too much to squeeze, so I improvised using a compass needle and rubbing alcohol. There was no explosion, but a little gentle pressure from underneath SUMMONED what at first seemed like an endless flow of pus in a tasteful warm beige. This was followed by a decent amount of serum and finally a little trickle of blood. It stopped hurting after that, but a head kept coming back that I could actually see while looking over my nose. Because of the upcoming final I compulsively picked at it, so of course a scab formed–perhaps even a soul.

The test came and went, and I took the train down to New York that weekend to visit my girlfriend. The first night I got up to get a drink of water and noticed that the scab was raised and the surrounding skin had become quite red. “Ok you fucker,” I muttered and gave it a squeeze. I intended to channel into it all my frustration toward having the little bastard stay as an unwelcome guest in my peripheral vision during a critical week. I didn’t need to, however, as it chose the instant I applied force to explode all over the mirror.

It was legendary: the thing had come to occupy a good portion of the area beneath the skin of alar region of the left side. Among the bloody droplets on the mirror were sizable pieces of cheesy shrapnel, which I wiped away as bloody pus welled up in the newly formed fissure in the now-shattered remnants of my left nostril. I wiped it away with a fresh piece of tissue paper and squeezed out more of the unholy, swirling mixture of blood and pus, culminating in a final burst of semi-solid off-white material. While not unlike the “root” of a large blackhead, it crumbled fairly easily in the kleenex. After that it only bled, at which point I knew it was over. By the time I went back to New Haven 72 hours later, the scab that remained belied the size of my unwanted former companion.

In the final analysis, I think it stayed to teach me a physics lesson of its own. A lesson, perhaps, in the physics of zits… :dubious:

When I was a teenager I squeezed a behemoth of a nose zit while looking into my friend’s hall mirror. It exploded with a slapping noise and splattered a vast amount of detritus all over the glass: blood, watery pus, and a hard cheesy core, all stuck in a 6" radius. Then I called him to see my handiwork and he was unbelievably pissed off. Can’t say I blame him.

Me neither! Something that spectacularly great and he didn’t get to watch it explode? I’d have been pissed, too!

Yeah, the miserable bastard. I let him watch me lick it off.

I had an absolute monster just at the hair line near the temple. I’m not usually prone to zits but this evil creature swelled to the size of a peanut. It was also incredibly painful to the touch. After a a few failed trial squeezes, I lanced it with a sewing needle. Besides the usual flow of pus, blood, and oil; I was also rewarded with a small bb sized chunk of hardened material, that smelled absolutely FOUL.

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This is a horse zit video, but you’ve got to watch it, it’s classic!

I nominate this post for the greatest hilarious juxtaposition of username to content ever.

I had never had a zit until my highschool graduation day–two on my chin, but that summer, July, I was like a rhino. It grew 1/2 an inch below the bridge of my nose, perfectally centered and huge. Like a rhino horn!
I never had another as bad or prominent.

Eww. Ick. Gag.

Damn, I wish I had pictures.

Started as a tiny white little bump on the inside bottom edge of my left eye socket. I squeezed it once – nothing. So I figured I’d ignore it until it was ready. Nothing, nothing, nothing – then, 3 weeks later, overnight, the damn thing was so big it was blocking my vision & clogging my nose – on my 40th birthday, BTW. Not a good time for giant disfiguring skin issues. I freaked out, barged into the dermatologist next door-to-work’s -office and begged for an appointment. Dr Whatsisface wandered in (6:22 am – he was not expecting a patient for several hours, but the receptionist had screwed up the alarm, so he came in early & unkempt), looked at my face, listened to my babbling, led me to an exam room, told me to close my eyes, and, essentially, stabbed my zit with a scalpel.

Ewwww. The receptionist had to go get more gauze from the storeroom three times, which filled 6 of those little kidney shaped dishes.

10 days of oral antibiotics, 21 days of nasty orange salve, and 2 1/2 years later, I have a litte teeny white bump on the bottom inside edge of my left eye socket. I’m not messing with that sucker.