Well that's a stupid place for a zit

Home from class, finally. Use the bathroom, wash my hands, take a look in the mirror. Have the following conversation in my mind:

Me (M): That mole that’s on the left side of my nose looks odd, red for some reason.

Still myself (SM): Ah, it’s probably just cause it’s been windy and chilly.

M: Let’s touch it and make sure it doesn’t hurt.

SM: Ok, and we do need to look closely and make sure it doesn’t look cancerous or anything. Sure, it’s been there forever, but it never hurts to take a look.

M: OW! MtherF**er! That’s a zit!

SM: Should have believed me. Then you would have left it alone. Now you’ll end up picking at it, and because it’s next to your nose, you’ll look like your picking THAT. Aren’t you the smart one?

Anyway, it made for a sort of mindless self conversation after hours and hours of class.

I feel your pain, I’ve got one of those buried down deep zits on my chin, the kind that hurts even if you absentmindedly brush up against it. I’ll give it another couple of days, then I’m covering it with warm compresses to bring it to a head, and then squeezing it to death.

Aren’t all places for a zit stupid?

Except for right on the tip of Britney Spears’ nose. That’s a great place for a zit.

Anyone gotten a zip inside their nose? That’s annoying.


I still have this zit underneath my left breast. It has gone down considerably, since I quit trying to squeeze it. But it’s gross! See this thread.

(Do you know how many threads came up when I did a search on zits for the last month? 16. “Zit” would have been much worse, but you can’t search on a three-letter word. A search on breast revealed 95! :wink: )

Well, now I won’t have to start THAT thread.

Yes, Munch, I have, and those things are DAMN painful. Make my eyes water.

[sub]by the way, your post and follow-up made me giggle - I could almost hear you yelling “D’oh!”[/sub]

Yes, very painful. But I’d have to rank them up there on the “Man is it satisfying to pop this beeyotch” scale.

I’d also provide a detailed description of said scale, but that’s classified.

Ooh, inside-the-nose zits HURT. And it’s so hard to do anything about them.

Once I found a HUGE one on my left elbow. Yes, my elbow. I think I went to scratch an itch or something and there it was, right there. It was pretty impressive when I popped it, though nothing like some of the zits I’ve read about on this board.

It sucks to be human bubble wrap…

Right now, as we speak, I have a zit on my right buttcheek in the exact place the majority of the pressure is when I sit.

It’s uncomfortable.

I was digging at it this morning, and the best I could get, using my too-long fingernails was a little squidgy feeling, a smallish pellet of hard something and a bit of blood.

Very odd.

Yeah, I have a nasty ol’ zit myself right now.


I warned you.

Right at the inner crease where my left leg and torso join, right in the crotch area. And the band on my my underwear is rubbing the hell out of it (damned painful!). It’s not an ingrown hair, since I already popped it, and only blood trickled out, but dagnabit, there is SOMETHING in there.

TMI over.
Personally, I wanna know why zits in the ear are SO painful, and why do they offer so little product in return, proportional to the pain, when you finally pop them? I had a very tiny, barely noticeable zit on the inside flat shelf of the upper part of my ear. Barely noticeable (formerRoomate couldn’t see anything), but DAMNATION, touch it at all and a searing white pain went shooting through the whole right side of my body!!! Imagine the pain from pulling a nose hair, multiplied. And when I finally got the little bugger after a week of hot packs, zit creams, and other excruciating torments, it finally responded to a slight prod with a loud, sharp CRACK (no doubt the sound was multiplied because it was located on my head), and all that was left on my fingernail was a small white speck about the size of a grain of Kool-aid powder. No blood, no other fluids, just this little bitty speck and no more pain. Ya think it would have been the size of a Volkswagen, judging from all the pain, but nooooooooooo, not even enough for the satisfaction of possibly taking the remains to a taxidermist, as a warning to all the other zits.

God help the next one that decides to form in my ear. I want vengence and satifaction, after that last one!!!

screech-owl, maybe it was a neutron zit: very small in size, but extremely massive. They say that a small matchbox full of those would weigh more than a ton!

Ugh… the ones in the ear are the worst… I agree with Screech-owl 100%! God forbid you roll onto the ear at night too… grrrr!

I don’t know what’s going on with my face this past month but I’ve gotten 3 underground zits. Two are still on my face, and the other is slowly fading. You know, the kind of zit that hurts when you look down?

One, right on my chin. That’s the one that’s fading - it was NOT a productive zit for the pain in caused me.

Currently I have two remaining, one on the fleshy part of my cheek where they defy popping. That hasn’t stopped my from trying. The other is in the line that goes down from my nose to my mouth - another especially painful place that you just can’t get to :::sigh::: I’ve been wearing heavy cover makeup for days, which I know is just aggravating the problem but I just can’t go to work with two headlights gleaming from my face.

My daughter, 21, says that it’s payback time for me since I had very few pimples as a teenager.

They are just as embarrassing now :frowning:

I never had any zits until I hit my mid-20s. Then, with a vengeance, cystic acne. I have no idea what brought it on, and it’s mostly gone now (after a year of antibiotics) leaving no scars and a nice scrip for RetinA. However, those cystic bastards are a doozy. The crazy thing about them is, they won’t heal and will keep getting reinfected unless you get the plug out. Anyone else have this happen? You finally get down to the bottom of the zit, and there’s this waxy white plug in your pore. Won’t come out for nothin’; I’ve had to pull them out with tweezers to get 'em loose. What they hell is up with that?

Oh yeah. I’ve gotten a few in my time, and they were fine and strong. But my fiance, now he’s gotten some of these bad boys on his back, and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a little home surgery to really cement a relationship with your SO.

You gotta let them sumbitches sit for a few days. After you dig for a bit, you let 'em scab over and wait a good 24-48 hours. Then you bring out the big guns: rip off that scab, blot up the blood, and squeeze like the devil himself is down there. Now, dermatologists will tell you never to do this, because you could cause the walls of the pore to rupture and leak bacteria-laden pus into your skin, causing big, nasty red blotches; but when dealing with a particularly recalcitrant cyst, you gotta get a good grip on either side, then push down and in. It’s the only way: sure, there’s some risk involved, but damn it, man, this is war, not a garden party!

If you’ve applied enough force, and the zit is ripe, you’ll hear an immensely satisfying wet sort of snapping sound, and you’ll be rewarded with a big ol’ plug of a waxy yellowish-white material. But you’re done yet- oh no! That plug you just got out is usually encased in a thin membrane which may be left behind in the pore. This also has to be removed, usually with a pair of tweezers. If you leave it in, the cycle will begin anew. Then you can slather on some antibiotic cream, slap on a Band-Aid, and call it a day. Good work, soldier.

There is still another threat you must face: depending on how long the cyst has been in there, the pore may be stretched beyond repair, leaving a little round hole in the skin which usually fades a bit with time. But dead skin, excess sebum, and bacteria will find this a welcoming haven, and you may have unintentionally helped in the creation of a Mother Lode Pore™.
The contents of this pore will necessarily pale in comparison to the original cyst, but it will still provide a satisfying squeeze. They usually need emptied once every few months or so. A burden, I know, but this vigilance is a small price to pay for such cystic victory.

Fare thee well, Rubystreak, and may all your cysts burst moistly at the slightest pressure! God go with you.


Hey, everyone, keep up the good work! I could read these posts forever! And don’t forget, Coldfire enjoys a good zit story as much as anyone.

That was beautiful, ratty.

It troubles me that everytime I see this thread, or one like it, has new posts, I think “Yay! More zit stories!”