What's the worst place to get a zit?

And let’s forget the obvious. Keep it above the waist.

Any place you can’t see easily, like an ear or in the inside of your nose.

I just had an ingrown whisker right on the edge of my bottom lip, and the pain was comparable to inside the nose.

I know, not a zit…but still a pus-filled blemish.

I’m going to second inside the ear.

Hershey, Pennsylvania.


I disagree - I think anywhere you can’t cover it easily - like the end of your nose…

Why do we have to limit it to above the waist? One on the buttocks makes it hurt every time you sit down.

I’m past the age where a plook is a regular occurrence, but I had one a few months back on a bit where my left ear connects with the rest of my head. Just right where the leg of my glasses sits. It was quite fantastically annoying.

I was trying to avoid “That’d be on the penis, Bob” submissions.

But I get zits on my butt all the time and they don’t really hurt.

On your eyeball.

In the penis, Bob.

Upper shoulder blade, where it’s almost impossible to reach by yourself.

I currently have one just above there, right below an eyebrow. That’s what caused me to start this thread.

Anywhere it’s hidden is fine by me. I once had the very unfortunate experience as a teen to have three huge ones all at once. One on the left cheek, one on the right, and one right in the middle of my chin. Mortifying when you’re that age. Thankfully I don’t get zits much anymore and when I do they’re small.

Middle of the back where you can’t reach it is annoying. Inside the nose is downright painful.


Those people are extremely judgmental during beach season.

Are you maybe allergic to the metal your glasses are made out of? I seem to be, I get spots there whenever I take a break from my contacts :frowning:

The ‘third eye zit’ is not very pleasant.

Not inside your nose. Right on the nostril. You don’t notice it until you touch it, whereupon you are treated to a new dimension of pain. They are almost impossible to pop, but when they do, they become big sores that ooze fluid. And they take forever to heal.