What's the worst place to get a zit?

There will, I think, be much TMI in the following. Sensitive readers should back out now.

Some zits are easy to cope with. Some can be popped; the deep ones, the ones that are subterranean and below the skin without an actual head, can be treated with cream or those overnight sticky circles. Some, like on the face or shoulders, you can reach; some, like on the back, you have to have help with.

But there are a few locations that are more problematic than others. Inside the ear, for example. You can’t get two fingers into those curves to get a grip on the sucker, and cream tends not to last very long on the waxier-than-normal skin. If it’s a deep one, the best you can hope for is an extremely understanding partner with a sterilized needle, and even that is unreliable.

I now have a least-favorite-place for a zit: It’s right on the edge of my upper lip, just off center. On the plus side, I have a mustache, so it isn’t visible to anybody. On the down side, the mustache hides it from my own inspection as well.

Why this location sucks:

The extremely sensitive lip tissue makes the zit impossible to squeeze without excruciating pain. And even if you can put up with the pain, you don’t really want to get a splort of bloody pus that close to your mouth.

Due to the position, I’m constantly aware of it. It’s tender, one of those deep ones that hurts a lot when disturbed. And naturally, as it’s sitting on my lip, I can’t talk or eat or smile or anything without a little painful jab.

And because it’s right on the edge of my mouth, I can’t use cream or a sticky pad or any other treatment. It’ll either dribble into my mouth, or I’ll lick it off, or worse.

So I just have to wait, and hope it goes away. Grrr.

Any other nominations?

Inside the nostril. I went through a period where I would get them all the time. The big kind that never come to poppable fruition.
Those just sit there and radiate pain, nothing you can do about them.

Never had one on the lip like you described though…

On the inside of a nostril. Excruciating.

Second vote for inside nostril, and I’ll raise you, having a nasty cold and running nose at the same time.

darnit. too many windows open, and I hit submit a full 6 minutes after greck apparently. Lest you think my italics meant something.

Second the inside of the nostril, deep in the skin. Little to no hope of getting at that one, just have to ride it out.

Inside of the nostril. You sneeze and react like you’ve just been shot.

Now, this is weird…
In the past week I have had both inside the nostril and on the edge of my lip. In my opinion, the inside the nostril is a lot worse, but it didnt last as long as the one on my lip. I did manage to pop the one in my nose though. Thought I was going to pass out in the process, and it probably wasn’t a good idea due to infections, etc, but by God, something had to be done.

Think lower.

Near the anus. Gotta wipe?

Or the crease of the leg in your crotch, where every step brings contact with cloth (unless you stop wearing underwear).

The top of the foot, just under the tongue of your shoe is no fun either. Neither is the ankle line of your shoes.

Had a BOIL - not a zit, but it’s big brother - on the hair line on the back of my neck. Didn’t know about it, though, until I tried to comb my hair.

Hit the bathroom floor like I’d been pole-axed.

What’s the worst place to get a zit?

Cracow, Poland. Spot-treatment facilities there are third world, I’m telling you.
well, somebody had to

Center of your back, where you absolutely cannot reach it, but it gets rubbed on by your shirt and the backs of chairs. Agony. Had one of those a while back, finally succeeded in popping the sucker with a pair of old barbecue tongs. Sweet relief…

I’ve had the nose ones. They’re pretty bad. But they do NOT beat a pimple on the girly bits.

I don’t know how it happened, but I got one last year and that’s definitely what it was. And holy JESUS… I’d take a few dozen inside-the-nose pimples to avoid another one of those suckers.

I’ve always found that the ones that occur right below my nose hurt like all flaming hell.

I have a problem with ingrown hairs. I’ve had several and let me tell you, those inside the nose are painful. Almost the worst.

TMI here, but I had an ingrown hair right on the edge of the old sphincter. Damn, that bad mutha hurt for days. Self surgery via a mirror is no fun.

Just inside the nostril at the tip of your nose, and deep enough that it’s rooted to the outside of your nose.

The only way out is backwards like a breech birth.

Inside the nose is awful. At least I’m not the only one!

I had one on my girly bits once. OWIE!

Scrotal zits are pretty horrid… kinda like the male equivalent of ElfBabe’s zits.

Another vote for the nostril. ARRGGGG!!! MUCH PAIN!!!

Hey! Hey! Just because I had one, ONCE, does NOT mean I deserve to be associated with THOSE kind of zits! :wink: