Because I know how much the SDMB loves their zit videos...

I present…this.

Alice Cooper posted the link on his FB page today. It’s a 20 year old ingrown hair.

It’s fascinating. :slight_smile:

Probably shouldn’t watch while eating. Video at bottom of page. Enjoy!

I think I first saw this video last year. Every time I watch it, I get physically ill, and yet I still watch it again, whenever it’s posted somewhere. :eek:

Isn’t that hole just going to fill right back up again?

Yep. And with all the gooshiest goodness that body knows how to make. The sequel will be at least as spectacular as the first installment.:smiley:

Acne is Mother Nature’s bubblewrap.

20 years old?

Did they count the rings or carbon date it or something?

I’m curious: once you dig something like that out of a hole, what are you supposed to do with the hole? Pour alcohol in it? Pack it with something? Sew it up?

That sounds like something comedian Demetri Martin would say. He also said “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies” :smiley:

Was that the junior high girl’s science class doing the digging? :slight_smile:

Also, they keep pinching the skin around it while they try to pull it out. That just clamps it in place.

I’m sorry, but I simply can’t resist posting a link to my favorite icky YouTube video, in which two brothers work on removing a cyst from the arm of one of them. It has language, probably NSFW

They actually did a pretty good job.

This one is pretty horrific too. (Popping a massive thing on a guy’s back.)

I’m being led down a disgusting rabbit hole by the suggested videos next to the ones I was watching. The earwax removal ones are disgusting and strangely satisfying, too.

More or less.

Ideally, you want something like that to heal from the bottom up, not closing over the top, otherwise you get the same problem or an erupting volcano of pus or something equally nasty.

Definitely home surgery technique - no gloves, use of sewing needle, not much sign of sterile procedure. I suspect a real doctor would have used gloves, disinfected everything in sight, and used a scalpel to get at it. There are ways of incising something like that to promote better healing, possible pack of the wound with gauze, and other such things.

Took quite a while to get to the business aspects of it all, and I was expecting some erupting of pus, but really they just pulled out a nasty black mess, left a bit of a bloody hole.

When you’re done watching all those, read up on and prepare to spelunk the depths of youtube armed with some new search terms.

I’ve seen that one and it was a tossup whether to post that one or the one I did.

I looked it up and usually a dermatologist will cut the hole out so that it’s all fresh flesh that can heal to itself vs leaving the hole. I watched this video where the lady had had her hole cleaned out twice before and the hole had been left… so she was in for a third cleaning and that time they did the cutting and stitching.

Graphic, so I will attempt to do a spoiler box link:

I think that spoilered url’s domain name ought to get some kind of award. People is weird.

I… I had to watch all the videos on the right and bottom. Even while I was eating dinner (too many years of watching House, CSI and Criminal Minds has given me an iron stomach).

Plus, I used to read the Livejournal community about gross stuff.

And I’m a parent.

And have pets.

Life is weird.

My husband has a cyst the size of a golf ball on his head. It’s been there for 45 years. The only time it’s a bother is when he has to get his hair cut, and he must warn the hairdresser, so they don’t cut his hair short there.

I so very much want to pop that sucker. Can you imagine the splort of a 45 year old golf ball sized cyst? I don’t dare though. Way too big for home surgery, and way too close to the brain for my peace of mind. But it would be sooooooo cool.

I spent part of the morning of 9/11 having a cyst removed from my scalp.

When the plastic surgeon who’s doing the procedure says he thinks they’re gross, he’s right. :o

There are literally thousands of these videos on You Tube. Check out the earwax removal videos for some really gnarly stuff. :eek:

BTW, those giant blackhead things are called “dilated pore of Winer” and Dr. Sandra Lee, who has her own You Tube channel, removes tons of these. They seem to be more common in the elderly.

Ideally, at the least the cavity will be packed with gauze which will be regularly replaced as new tissue grows into the opening. Preferably after debriding any unhealthy material.

Less ideally, it will be kept open and clean while it grows back in.