Because they make me feel pretty.




i tip my cap to you


But would they make you feel witty? And gay?

Pair them up with Kramer’s “bro” and you’re ready for a night on the town!

I’m getting some strange looks from co-workers right now.

Oh my lord.
That just made my day!

i want some with bows! :smiley: You know, my wife steals all my boxer shorts now, I bet she would end up stealing these too!

Sure, she’s someones mother, but not mine, so its okay!

I like the days-of-the-week ones. I had some Holly Hobby ones like that in 3d grade.
You know, some people complain about the homogenizing effect of the internet on our culture, but as long as it enables people to really live up their kinks I think it’s great. Manties! Harry Potter slash fanfic! I love the internet.

Good Lord :eek:

And I was just wondering what to give that difficult to buy for guy on my Christmas list.

I’m waiting until I’m off break. I’m not sure WHAT I’ll see.:eek:

This is SO Weird Earl’s!

I think it was a Weird Earl way back when…

…you don’t forget something like that.

Y’know, they look like granny-panties to me. But they’re sorta cute, in a Rocky Horror way. :slight_smile: