Beckdawrek update

Still sending good Mojo, Beck.

Same here. Good thoughts to you, Beck!

I feel bad that I haven’t posted to this thread yet. Beck, I’m thinking about you and your son. Hope he recovers fully and I hope we see you back on the Dope soon!!

I’m still sending you my good wishes, Beck.

Best wishes, hope the news stays good.

Once again, best wishes to you and Son-of-a-wreck. Miss you terribly.

Hey guys what’s the latest on Beck’s son, and Beck? I hope they are well.

I can’t wait to see her avatar on this thread.

I can’t wait to see her avatar on this thread.

Wake me up the very instant someone sees it~any hour of the night or day!

Sending positive thoughts to you and yours, Beck. Hang in there. Please, we selfishly need to know you are all doing okay.

Hope you and your family will be all right, Beck. :heart:

Beck’s cat tired to off her. Pushed her off a stool and sent her to the hospital.

This is dead serious as the Taco Bell post.

No deets, but I figure it was Bear.

Oh, no. The hospital trips never end. :frowning: I hope she’ll be OK.

Bad bad cat!

Not for Beck.

Poor Beck!

Gatopescado, thanks for update; and please update us with condition when possible.

lt’s not fair!

I hope the run of bad luck ends soon.

I’ve probably said too much. She’s back home, recovering at this time. God only knows who is going to descend on that place for Turkey-Day.

Well, Bayliss knows, but he ain’t God. He’s doG.

Thank goodness for that. Thank you for possibly over-sharing, @Gatopescado. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much and I won’t ask anything more! but am very relieved that recovery’s in process and that she’s able to be home.

And, I suspect, is patting that cat.