Becks bad, bad, bad Bear! (no, no, no not Bear the cat!)

Walking the house doggies around the pond. There are a few trails out there through the woods, always coming back close to the pond. I’ve been carrying my rifle when walking for fear of feral pigs.
We head into a little clearing and the Beagle Betsy lets out a low woof, she’s off lead as she likes to stop and sniff or run ahead and circling back to me. This time she stops dead with her nose in the air. I’m thinking pig.
I hook her up and pick up the Yorkie and put her in my hoodie pocket. I’m thinking I might have to shoot. Another low woof from Betsy. I tell her ‘shhh!’
I stand still. I see a dark shape. It’s headed down to the water. I’m sure it’s a pig. I decide we’ll just let it be. I walk to the other side of the clearing and take another trail that comes beside an old fort the kids built one time. And you carry on to the lower end of the pond. I get up to the water’s edge and let Betsy get a drink. Yorkie is asleep in my pocket. Low growl from Betsy. I look where she’s looking across the pond. Now, I’ve seen every type of wildlife out here. But this was truly astonishing to see a big black bear standing knee deep in my pond. He lifts what is a large head up and looks directly at me. I know I tense up. Immediately Betsy starts barking and yodelling. I pull the leash and we walk quickly up the hill. Betsy’s frantic. I keep telling her to hush. Yorkie is whining in my pocket. I’m half running and stopping to look back and pull the leash again. At the top of the hill I look back the bear is gone. There’s a good piece of ground to cover before I get to the house. I finally get to the pump house and stop. Betsy’s still going berserk. I cannot see anything moving in the tree line. I can’t see the pond anymore. If the bear walked straight back from the waters edge he’d come up behind the big tractor shed. The barn is between me and the shed. We dash to the house. I’m on the deck. Betsy’s still pulling wanting to go after the bad, bad, bad bear. I look about and don’t see anything. I guess the bear went away. I take the dogs inside. Give them a treat. Yorkie pee’d on my hoodie. Dang it.
I knew there had been a bear sighted on the place. Mr.Wrekker warned me again a few days ago. I’ve seen bear track on the pond edge. I didn’t expect it to be so big. Wow!
We’ll be walking down the driveway for a few days.
Bear the Siamese approved of the story when I told it to him. I got a clacky jaw sound from him. High praise indeed.

Get some bear spray ASAP

I have it. It will go out with me from now on. Let’s see: orange vest to keep hunters from mistaking me for a deer, good shoes. Rifle, loaded. Extra bullets, flashlight, cell phone, 2 dogs, now bear mace. I need a air horn, I’m told.
Man oh man, it’s getting hard to take a simple walk in the country.

Yes, an air horn or other screechy personal alarm works best. Bears do not like unusual noises and will run. My best source: a wildlife expert and bear guide.

Wow. I thought the pigs were bad, bad, bad enough! What kinda iron are you packin? Good little beagle, they love to hunt. Probably would have run circles around the beast.

Imagine what the Yorkie is telling his buddies right now.


Winchester model 70. An old bolt action. Very accurate. Mr.Wrekker has many guns suitable for big game. I feel most comfortable with this gun.

I’m glad you’re ok. I fear wild boar more than bears, but they’re both bad.

I’m a believer in carrying the gun you feel most comfortable and confident with. Just out of curiosity, what caliber is it?

Good ol’ Betsy.

I’ve always heard black bears will run from a dog. Grizzlies are another matter, but I don’t think they roam near you. It probably wouldn’t hurt to wear some bear bells in case you and Betsy are upwind and she doesn’t get a whiff in time to alert you. Or you could sing. I always figured my singing would either scare off a bear or goad it into attacking to shut me up. I made up a little ditty I called, “I Am Not a Snack” and sang when hiking in the wilds.

Shit, Beck, you do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself. Soon you’ll be eating bear meat stew. I’ve eaten bear. It was ok.

Okay add to my list of walking implements: Bear bells and a good song in my heart.

A. .44:40 .a fine.bear load.
B. That is so hot…

Are you sure you didn’t see Manbearpig?

Not so hot. I ran and screamed like a girl. (:))

That bear in my pond was truly scary.


Between us you can be a gurl, but th Dope needs you to be a a badass.

.44-40 ?

Cuz I ain shooting that bear for you.


Fuck yeah. Sent many a bison to the happy hunting ground. I don’t hit on a woman with less.

Well, you know the old joke about how you can identify bear scat, right? It’s full of little bells and smells like pepper spray.

Bells are useless. I cite my previous post, along with the park rangers at Katmai, where they deal with grizzlies.