Bee Gees: Is this a Christian reference?

From I Started a Joke:

This sounds alot like Jesus’ self-doubt incident near the end, and the final two lines are basically a summation of the modern Protestant theology and the quintessentially Christian idea that “Jesus died for us, but most people don’t appreciate the sacrifice.”

Do you think this is a Christian reference, or am I reading too much into this song??

I always thought the song was just about the domino effect of gossip, thoughtless jokes, and other such careless behavior.

I was always told that it was a reference to Jesus. And it always made sense to me.

I like Libertarian’s take on it, too.

It was written by Maurice Gibb, I believe, and no, it wasn’t intended to be a Xtian reference. Lib is correct.

I’d love to give you a cite but I don’t know where I read it or saw it.