Beef prices hit all-time high in U.S. Who do you blame?

Record beef prices

The cattle farmers of course. Their cows, or lack thereof.

Drought? Beef is very water intensive and we have very little water in California right now and that might be rippling across this vast, beautiful nation.

We have many cattle farms in the area. Our problem has been ransid hay. Farmers are losing twenty plus head a month.

What a weird poll. Not even one credible answer on there, rambling on into absurdity.

It’s drought conditions. It’s happened many times before.

Yeup. So, ah, did you vote?

Perhaps in your area. We have had a surplus of several inches this past year. I am neither rambling nor absurd.

Lucille Ball was clearly miscast, but I’m not exactly sure how that led to high beef prices. Probably those butterflies again.

It’s obvious that Little_Pig is at the beginning of a campaign to pressure the government into providing beef subsidies to bring the price down in an attempt to keep people from turning to pork (mmm, succulent pork).

They should never have let the cows unionize.

So, where is the beef, then?


It’s not just beef.

I blame supply and demand. :slight_smile:

I blame the meat eaters.

You’re trying to make an observation on the Americam media’s political biases, aren’t you?

This would have never happened if we didn’t let the cows unionize.

Specifically Obamacare. Although they are still looking into that Bengazi thing so that may be a factor, which will of course eventually lead up to Hillary.

I blame YOU!!!

One more reason to say “Fuck China.” What is it with China and diseases like this?