Been up all night and WHOO am I sleepy

I stayed up all night last night. No reason. Just for the hell of it. Spent my time looking at stileproject, portalofevil, somethingawful, and seanbaby. Yeah, what a way to pass the time, I say. My friend John was up studying so I stayed up with him. He’s got a big test in two hours. I’ve got a class I haven’t been to in two weeks at 10. I’m way tired. I keep farting. Chili, y’know. I have only $13 to my name right now. That’s for food and gas etc., until I have a job. I have one but they don’t give me work. Fucking employment agency. I applied to some movie rental places cuz I like movies. I’m thinking of selling some blood today for some dough. I have one pizza left, and a lasagna. After those, my food is all out. Yeah, selling blood it is. Maybe some medical research, too. That’d earn me a bunch of money. Male, nonsmoker, 19, healthy. I’m sure I’d work for testing exfoliators or something stupid like that. Maybe breathing medication. I’m so far in debt it’s not funny. I applied for a student loan, they said I was approved, with a cosigner. Guess what, bozo? My parent’s REFUSE to cosign for me. Fuck! I talked to finaid. They said they’d put me on the list for workstudy and call me. Two weeks later I go in. “Why didn’t you call me?” “You’re not eligable.” Motherfuckers! I need MONEY! Didn’t expect this to be a downer. Guess it is. I’m going to take a shower in about an hour and trek down to Royall (yes, two L’s) for classes. Fuckity fuck. I’m up for recruitment, and EC (executive committee, basically one of the most powerful positions) in the fraternity during elections next week or so. Hope I win. I crave power. I will eat your soul. Keep on truckin.