Beep Beep

Indeed they are.

Growing up in the desert, I was always a bit annoyed by the Roadrunner since he wasn’t a “real” roadrunner. Although I’ve always thought that the heads of “real” roadrunners are much stranger than the weird, cresty thing the Roadrunner is… I don’t know what it is, but they seem so very oddly shapen.

I have to say that I’m sorely disappointed in my cats. I played that over and over for about 10 minutes and none of them even so much as lifted an ear.

The High Sonoran Desert is in the Sonoran Desert biome, the very northern tip of which extends into BC at Osoyoos. The Klondike is in Yukon Territory, which is right next to BC. Therefore, The Klondike and the High Sonoran Desert are the same place!*

Cool pictures, KG. And the lynx kittens are mega-ky00t.

I want to visit the desert now. I always have, but somehow I forgot.

[sub]*When viewed from the distance of Japan, or even better, geosynchronous orbit.[/sub]

Now that’s really interesting; learn something new every day.

Come on down, now’s the time, especially if you want to warm up. Phoenix is expecting highs all next week of around 111 or more. No need to bring a sweater.

(I was in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory way back in '46 when it got down to -70F. That’s why I like the desert!) :smiley:

You’d rather have melted tires than square ones? I too would like to see the desert, but summertime is not the time for me. I’ll come in winter, when I need to thaw out.

mope Sure, you think the desert’s neat with the roadrunners and coyotes and whatnot. They don’t tell you about the time when you’ll be brushing a spider off your bathrobe one morning, and as it’s crawling onto your hand you realize it’s a bloody black widow. That woke me up real fast.

Also, on behalf of us mountain-dwellers, may I point out that ‘desert’ is not warm year-round? It may feel fairly mild in January, but don’t forget that the temperature drops a good thirty degrees when the sun goes down.