Are roadrunners good to eat?

Was the coyote pursuing a delicacy?

They’re a bit on the chewy side. Huge drumsticks, though.
Actually, I’ve never had one, but would assume it would taste like any other game bird. I just cooked a pheasant for dinner recently. Very delicious.

Very yummy. :smiley:

Never ate one, but they sure are fun to drive! :cool:

They’re tiny. There’s probably more meat on frogs’ legs.

Not a lot of marbeling, I guess because there’s a real shortage of Roadrunner feed lots. In fact, “it mainly feeds on insects, with the addition of small reptiles (including rattlesnakes up to 60 cm long), rodents and other small mammals, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, small birds (particularly from feeders and birdhouses) and eggs, and carrion.”

If it is what it eats, then you probably won’t mistake it for a ribeye.

Yes, but catching them is the problem. Although I believe there’s a company which sells a variety of roadrunner traps, unbelievably fast delivery times too.

Satisfaction NOT guaranteed.

Their Latin name isn’t Tastyus supersonicus for nothing, you know.

sigh I’ll have to get back to you on that.

No luck yet, huh, pal? :smiley:

May I suggest , "Diced Roadrunner Ragu served on a Roulette Wheel, the best!
Or Maybe just plain old sauer-Road Runner-braten like Mother used to make.

They’re not that tiny - probably the size of a hen, certainly bigger than a pigeon.

They actually look remarkably like the yummy one up there in post #3, Wile E’s nemesis.

I have another board, where people eat squirrels and such. I’ll ask over ther and get back to y’all. :wink:

I’ve never noticed in the cartoon that the thighs taste like double martinis. That’s, like, four martinis!

They aught to have xxx tattoos, huh?

Like they say, liquor is quicker.

But Bird is the Word.

quite clever. Really! :smiley: