My son wanted to know if coyotes actually eat roadrunners in real life.

i’m sure that if coyotes and road runners live within reaches of each other that one would consume the other. i can’t think of any reason that a coyote would pass up a meal


Here is an explanation…

ridiculous, the article simply says that coyotes won’t CHASE road runner. vanilla is asking about the “consumation” of road runners. i guarantee you that if you snap a roadrunner’s neck a coyote will eat it (depending onthe freshness of the kill) unless coyotes are resilient and enjoy snapping necks them selves. of course, you could just cook the meat and then any animal would want to eat it, mmmmmmm

Hey, Slick, even if you are just trying to be cute, you’ve failed.

Vanilla can speak for himself.

As the linked article says, coyotes don’t typically eat Roadrunners because they are too hard to catch in comparison to the potential reward. Of course, if a coyote found a dead or injured one, or a nest with nestlings, it would scarf it up in a minute.

In other words, Coyotes would eat Roadrunners if they could catch them easily, but they can’t so they don’t.

And another thing, Slick - if you’re going to put words into Vanilla’s mouth, make them the correct ones.

When you say consumation, I think you meant consumption - the act or process of consuming, rather than consummation (note spelling) - the act of consummating <the consummation of a contract by mutual signature>; specifically : the consummating of a marriage (Definitions from Merriam-Webster’s)


What I meant was: (to be clear) Why do they chase them; knowing they probably wouldn’t chase anythign they didn’t want to eat.
For THAT matter, what kind of bird is a tweety?..

IIRC, Tweety Bird is a canary.

note to editor RussellM
posts are done way before the “consumption” of caffeine, so ignore syntax errors alright?

Amusing as this was, I don’t think SlickUSA put any words in vanilla’s mouth. He correctly pointed out that vanilla had asked a question about eating roadrunners, not catching roadrunners. This was IMO a perfectly valid response to Philster’s post.
So maybe you should lay off piling on the newbie, even if he hasn’t found the <shift>-key yet.

  1. They want to eat them. Coyotes want to eat almost any damn thing.

  2. They don’t chase them because they usually can’t catch them and it’s not worth the trouble.

What hibernicus said.
I didn’t think SlickUSA’s comment was out of line. (Badly constructed, but not out of line.)