Beer batter

I made fish’n’chips for dinner tonight. I always use Newcastle Brown Ale, because I’ve always used it.

What kind of beer do you like to use in your beer batter?

Honestly, I’ve never really found it to make much of a difference. I try to use something that is not too hoppy, but, other than that, one beer is as good as another. Newcastle is a good, neutral choice. Even with a cheap beer like Old Style, it works fine. I personally think the stronger the carbonation, the better.

ETA: I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve always wanted to try beer batter with a gueuze. It’s got both a lively carbonation and a fairly strong sourness to it that I think would pair particularly well with fish.

For what ever reason I tend to go with an IPA.

I’ve been tempted to use Guinness, but I’m not sure it would work.

Guinness works fine, and is not an uncommon for beer batter. It’d be fun to do a side-by-side comparison using various beers.

We use Yuengling Black and Tan or Lager, whatever we have on had. Always made a good beer batter.

I haven’t used them in beer batter, but I love a geueze or a Flemish sour beer with a fish fry. A great complement to malt vinegar, if you’re using it.

I just came in here to say that I recently leaned about using pancake mix for beer batter and wanted to spread the word. It works wonderfully!

Ar? :confused:

I assume he means pancake mix + beer to batter. Some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had were battered in churros batter (made with water, I assume, but no reason beer wouldn’t work fine.)

Whatever is in the fridge. At the moment that would be Negra Modelo, but anything works.

I used Special Export once because it was allwe had and to this day it’s what I use. I don’t particularly like to drink it but for beer batter it just seems to work. It also works well in Flemish beef stew if you don’t wan to use something heavy.

Yes, that is what I meant. Pancake mix plus beer=divine beer battered fish.

It doesn’t really matter. What the beer adds is CO2, foaming agents, and alcohol.