beer box cowboy hat

does anyone know how to make a cowboy hat out of a 24-pack beer box? i’ve seen them, but don’t know where to go to find out how to make one. can anyone direct me to a website or other source? thanks all.

You have my vote for the funniest first time poster :slight_smile:

< * picturing a redneck using his beer comps as decor at home *>

Sorry,I never got past paper airplanes.

I haven’t seen that bit of origami, but I have seen hats made of beer cans. It was a fad at the time for crafty types to snip the label sides off empty beer cans, punch holes around the edges, and stitch the flattened aluminum panels together with yarn to make flat-brimmed hats. Other folk snip cans into lengthwise strips to make little ornate cafe chairs. I’ve also seen little biplanes made from can parts.

Going back further yet, toy collectors can show you postwar Japanese-made metal toys made from US discarded cans. Turning over the toy shows the label printed on the inside. Drink cans were steel in those days, of course.

Don’t know how to make one, but if you’re willing to spend $25+, you can have one professionally made, stitched and all:

Just for the record, “beer box cowboy hat” are the last four words I’d ever expect seeing make up a thread title.

I think it’d make a great album title…