Beer for Fall/Winter

Now that it is getting cooler (or at least I hope it will), I’d like some beer suggestions for the next few months.

Last year, I was in Ohio and drank Great Lakes Christmas Ale

I’m in TX now. In fact, I’d like to pick up a good beer tonight after work…hmmmm beer…3 days off!!!

My favorites are Chimay (Red or Blue), Stella Artois and Leffe (Blond). Come to think of it, I’ll have one for you!

You can never go wrong with Shiner dunkelweizen.

I have to put in a plug for Saranac Black Forest. Soory, you have to be 21 to even look at their beers.

The best thing about Saranac is, they know what I like. They live where I live.

I’m kind of partial to Pete’s wicked winter brew(raspberry and nutmeg) , I haven’t seen it in a couple of years though. Tastes like crap in the summer.

I’ll second the Stella Artois: I got to know that beer quite well at a pub crawl in NYC earlier this year, and now I order it whenever I’m someplace that has it.

Since you’re in TX, this probably won’t help you, but my two favorite winter brews are:

Harpoon Winter Warmer which is spiced
Tremont Winter Ale which is not spiced, but is a higher alcohol beer that gives you a nice warm glow on a cold winter day.

I am pretty partial to high-octane beers during cold weather. Dopplebocks or even Eisbocks are nice. Also English-style barleywines are hard to beat for curling up next to a fire with.

I enjoy dark beers (stouts and porters) all year long, but especially so in the winter.

Their heaviness tends to make me feel warmer (especially a stout with a shot of Kahlua), and they’re even better when they’re not ice cold.

When the weather turns, I like Guinness.

Stouts are nice when “the frost is on the pumpkin”, but I would lean more toward an imperial stout, or maybe a milk stout. Something with some body instead of a light beer like Guinness