any good winter beer suggestions?

i usually get samuel adams merry maker(was called merry mischief.i guess they changed the name of it this year)but the place i usually buy stuff from was out of it.figured maybe i could find somethin new to try

perferably something i can get in a 6 pack.cuz i dont know,the one thing i dont like about samuel adams is alot of the good sounding beers only come in the variety packs

Anchor Christmas Ale Comes out after Thanksgiving.
Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

I try to pick up at least one bottle of Samichlaus every December.

Due to geography, I’m not going to mention too many specifics, but a lot of craft brewers put out a winter warmer style beer, that I think is perfect for when the chill comes in. It’s usually malty, dark, and a high abv, but not very bitter. It’s also not uncommon to find them barrel aged in whiskey barrels, if you can find them, drink them up. I have a Rahr’s winter warmer that got lost in the fridge and is barrel aged from 2012. If I can grab one from the 2013 crop, I’ll compare them soon.

Another brew style that I like for cold winter nights is a new style - Cascadian Dark Ale. It tends to be lots of dark roasted malts, with a strong enough yeast and enough hops to keep it from being too sweet. Some people see it as a branch of Black IPAs, but everything I’ve had that claimed to be a Cascadian Dark Ale was sweeter than a Black IPA, or any black ale. The style apparently started in the Pacific Northwest - but a Texas brewery, St. Arnold’s, put out one as part of their Icon series, and I was hooked. The one I just drank, ProAm from Southern Star, is a bit on the golden side compared to the others I’ve had. I’ll still be heading to the liquor store tomorrow to stock up on a bit of it - it’s the first of the batch I’ve had, and it is perfect for the weather in the U.S. this weekend.

The catch to my recommendation: I’ve never seen a Winter Warmer or Cascadian Dark Ale in a 6-pack - only in a 4-pack, pint, or a 22oz bomber. I imagine the big grain bill needed for the style would make a sixer of them seem pricey. The closest to them that I’ve seen in a six pack are wee heavies, which would also warm you up nicely.

Haven’t seen it in stores lately, but I used to enjoy the seasonal arrival of Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale.

Sierra Nevada makes a good season brew: Celebration Ale.

I have never been a fan of “cold weather” beers like Oktoberfest, Christmas Ale, Winter Ale, etc. Way too sweet and malty for me.

If I “must” drink a cold-weather beer, I’ll drink some dry stout.

Heck, I’d rather drink a Sam Adams Summer Ale in the winter. :slight_smile: Love that stuff.

Alaskan Winter is pretty good. It’s an English Olde ale.

All the spiced beers/ales are really good. Really, really good. Great, in fact.
Please drink all that shit up for me so that there’s more room on the shelf for real beer.

I like maybe one lightly-spiced “Christmas beer” a year. The plethora of Uncle Joe’s beermaking meets Auntie May’s spice cupboard brews boggles me even more than the IPA invasion.

I drink heavier brews in the winter - good stouts, Russian imperial preferred (Old Rasputin when I can’t find one of the deeper ones), and all the good dark rauschbier I can find. This stuff is too heavy in warm weather.

Just about every craft brewery makes seasonal beer.

When I went camping a couple of weeks ago someone had brought a case of that Sam Adams winter selection. Eventually we drank all the other beer we had until the only thing left was the Sam Adams. This lead to us creating a new phrase to describe the dire situation. Yes, we were “down to our spice”. It sucked.

WTF? Cherry chocolate is not a type of beer except in Hell.

Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale

The spice must flow! :smiley:

He who controls the spice, controls Alerakkis.

What’s really needed is a stillsuit that makes beer out of piss.

Man, you gotta be more open minded. Sam’s cherry chocolate is a pleasant diversion. No, I don’t want to drink more than one, but it’s an interesting brew.

I like many, MANY of the winter beers… stouts, porters, spiced ales, etc… Look for Troegs Mad Elf. Tasty and very high alcohol.

Mmmmm…Samichlaus. Thanks for the reminder.

Exactly my situation… the four bottles of spiced stuff are in the back of the shelf, hoping some Thanksgiving guest will drink them, drop them or steal them.

I kinda liked the cherry chocolate bock. But then, I like deep, rich stouts with a hint of cocoa anyway.

I agree that the spiced concoctions that they seem to foist on us every holiday season borders on abuse. But, it could be worse. I’ve got a years-old bottle of Shiner’s Christmas Cheer that I can’t seem to either induce a guest to drink or throw out.

Grenville Island Winter Ale is my favorite winter beer. Just a dash of chocolatey/vanilla finish to it.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Bells Winter White

I’ve switched over to hard cider for the winter. So far Strong Bow is my favorite. No spices, just cider flavor with a tingle.