In the Staff Report about Bee Suicide, the staff, naturally, has got the goods. However, there is, as always, a folklore to go along with the truth (recited by memory, alas).

Long ago, it is said, just before the age of man, there was but one hive, who collectively decided to present their creator (insert deity of your choice) with a gift. They laboured endlessly, finally producing a large container of honey, which they gave freely to their god.

The deity was so impressed that, in way of payment, he offered to fulfill any desire they may have. After considering the prospect, the bees came back: “We appreciate the gesture, and ask only that we may have a weapon, borne by each one of us, to strike and kill anyone who dares come to take the results of our hive’s labour.”

The image of these genteel creatures shattered, the god was now enraged. “You shall have it,” he said, “but at a price. For with every spearing, you shall end your own lives.” And so it has been for all of time.

Nice little morality play, but I’m befuddled why the deity would become enraged. After all, he asked what they wanted. Oh well, I never understood deities.

Nice story, potu42. Do you know its origin?

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