Beethoven Aficionados

Did I spell that correctly? :slight_smile:

What is the best Beethoven biography you may recommend to me?

In answering, you may assume that I can read music (even though I am just a drummer) and understand a little music theory. I am just a drummer, after all!:smiley:

I have identified with him all my life.

Not the musical genius part - just being misunderstood as he was.

Spare me Anton Schindler, please?



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Not a book, but I just watched โ€œIn Search of Beethovenโ€, which has nothing to do with the TV series โ€œIn Serach Ofโ€ฆโ€. Excellent blend of biography and music performance. Helped me to really understand why he was such an innovator.

Available on Netflix because I just mailed it back.