I like Beethoven!

Sitting here listening to his Third Piano Concerto, which is one of my favorite pieces of music ever.

Dang, could that boy string some notes together or what?

Shit, twickster, haven’t we had about enough of your outrageous controversial opinions?

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread, in case I have to move it over to the Pit.

– Uke
[sub]who prefers the First Piano Concerto, actually, especially the allegro scherzando movement[/sub]

Yep - there are humans who excel in their art but seem accessible - they seem to work harder than the average bear, but we can see the path they took to get there.

There are other artists who simply seem to be magicians - no obvious path to what they do. Ludwig von is a magician.

(I first got this contrast in a book about Richard Feynman the physicist - comparing the magician Feynman to the hard-worker Murray Gell-Mann - I think it applies here, as well…)

Schroeder? Is that you?

Ludwig Van is #1 to my rassoodock.

Last week I popped in a CD of his Sixth Symphony, and my 2-year-old son sat on my lap, listening attentively, for most of the first movement.
Great stuff. And to think that dude kept composing even after going deaf. It boggles the mind. (well, my mind, at least)

Sounds like he’s ready for Fantasia!

I grew up with my dad’s Deutsche Grammophone complete symphonies on the stereo – definitely formative.

Ah, discovered Beethoven, have we? Welcome to Heaven on Earth.

Since I got a car with a CD player about 3 years ago, I’ve been listening to nothing but Beethoven (and a little Bach): symphonies, piano concerti, some sonatas. I’ve got the 6th symphony in right now.

I love that the music that gets stuck in my head these days is usually some violins trilling thrillingly, or a delicate piano melody… not one of those commercial jingles that used to lodge in my brain. I also enjoy how many pieces I can recognise now when they show up in movies and TV.

And the 5th is my favorite piano concerto.

Aye, real horrorshow.

I sang in the chorus for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony a few years back. It still gives me goosebumps to listen to.

Oh, my brothers! When I slooshy Ludwig van it conjures up such . . . lovely pictures . . .

In an effort to keep things civilized, I went back and listened to the First for the first time in years. Nope, sorry, gotta stay with the Third on this.

And since we’re not yet in the Pit, I won’t go into detail about those foolish enough to fail to recognize its greatness. :wink:

True story that will only make sense to Trek fans, and possibly not even all of them:

A few years ago, I participated in the costume competition at Toronto Trek. I wore a tuxedo and a lizard-like latex mask and waved a baton while pretending to conduct a brief passage from Ode to Joy.

I was Toskanini.
I won for best latex mask, so my costume career record is 1 and 0.

Beethoven: The real father of rock n roll.

I know I can’t listen to that one part of famous Beethoven’s famous 9th without getting pictures of dancing Jesi in my head.

I love the entire glorious Ninth, but the second movement just gives me shivers every single time. It’s nearly transporting, the way it just consumes me! I’ll never forget poor music-starved me in college (I only had a clock-radio in my dorm!), listening to records of Beethoven symphonies in the library with headphones. (Yes, I am 105 years old.) I loved to crank the Ninth waaaay up.

I was listening to my new triple CD of Glenn Gould doing a bunch of Piano Sonatas on my way to work today. Delightful even to my tone deaf ears. But my favorite Beethoven moment is that short, suspenseful passage at the end of the third movement of the Fifth Symphony, just before the glorious wave of sound at the beginning of the fourth movement.

I’m well on my way to collecting all his work.

Not too shabby for a deaf guy.

hi, i’m rocking chair, i rock best to beethoven…

twickster, perhaps you will join me in “beethoven day”? i declare his birthday to be a personal holiday, and take the day off to appreciate his music (unless it is on a weekend) and decorate for christmas.

this year the philly orchestra is having its beethoven season. good times at the kimmel!