Behaviors in Pedestrian Traffic Flow

While I was at the mall today, I wondered about something I’ve always noticed about the traffic flow. When walking through the mall, people tend to walk the same way they drive. That is, if walking north/south, the people walking north are on the right side of the kiosks that dot the center of the length of the mall, and most people heading south walk on the opposite side…
That said, do people in other countries that drive on the opposite side of the road as we do, walk the way they drive. Northbound on the left, southbound on the right?
I live in Orlando, FL… and wonder if the people walking against the flow are actually tourists from elsewhere… or jerks.

I got back a couple of weeks ago from a trip to England and Ireland. They seem to walk on the right like Americans do. I was surprised- I was expecting them to walk on the left. Maybe all the people we saw were tourists, too :confused:

I asked this question a couple of months ago ( & got answers all over the map. Some countries walk like they drive, others walk on the right and drive on the left, and others just walk aimlessly with no pattern. Posts in that thread also included links to several previous threads on the same topic.

Here in Dublin I find that people do indeed tend to pass to the left on the sidewalk. Also, when going up escalators, it’s polite to stand on the right and let people walk past you on the left.

Take the links I posted in this thread for some pedestrian simulations. They might just be in the simulation links section (in the links section) of Yeah, that’s where it is:

I was wondering about this when I was in Ireland and since then I think that the automobile rules don’t apply as strongly as they do to pedestrians. In particular, this applet seems to offer a picture that looks good.

Of course, it is pretty rare for me to be able to observe crowds of pedestrians. Maybe we can talk jjim into keeping a log when he takes his smoke breaks and report back how the pedestrain lanes form in Dublin.

Or maybe there is a live webcam of a city sidewalk somebody knows about. I think it should be more scientific in terms of good record keeping, because we probably don’t remember as well as we should. I might remember the times that confirm my suspicions more than those that don’t, thus skewing the results.