Direction of pedestrain traffic

OK, this is something I’ve been wondering about for the longest time. I’ve noticed, in general, pedestrians (at least in my little world) tend to mimic the flow of automobile traffic; that is, they keep to the right.

Is it the other way around in countries where cars drive on the left?

Just wondering.

  • s.e.

My experience from walking around in London is that they walk on the right side of pavements. However, before Sweden shifted over to driving on the right side we kept to the left and there are still some places, at least in Stockholm railway and underground stations, where the pedestrian traffic flow is supposed to be on the left side.

i wish :slight_smile:

here, cars drive on the left (mostly)… people walk anywhere…

I just spent a few minutes peering out of my London office window at the people walking down Moorgate. I could discern no pattern what so ever.