Being Attracted to Men's Legs.

My dad, brother and boyfriend all have differently-shaped bodies with differently-shaped legs and they all refuse to wear shorts in the summer because they’re embarrassed of their legs. I’d bet there are a lot of Doper men (and women) who are the same way.

And like **TruCelt **pointed out, calf implants are a thing. I remember seeing a show, on MTV maybe, where a young man was devastated with the state of his calves and was getting calf implants. He was a straight guy IIRC and spent a lot of time coveting other guys’ calves.

To me this says that it’s not unusual for men to think about how their legs look, and thus not unusual for someone else to be thinking about how mens’ legs look.

Maybe, but the OP didn’t expressly say that the guy with the legs got him worked up. Generally speaking bodies have been viewed as aesthetically appealing all of the time, lines and proportions etc. There’s lots of artwork of the physical form. The physical form itself is part of ballet. Yes, all of those people moving in difficult ways is part of it, but so are the physiques and proportions of the dancers, how they look together.
Personally I think your head has to come into it if you are going to get worked up about something. “gee, Sean Connery has great legs” has to go to “I’d like to get him on that desert island before they come to rescue him, let’s put him in a towel” etc etc. You can see a nice pair of legs on a woman and then start thinking about a rendezvous with Sean. The “head part” doesn’t have to be directed at the person with the good physique/nice legs/whatever.
Perhaps this is what you mean when you say there’s a difference between male and female reactions? That blokes just see and go “grunt grunt grunt ready to mate”?
I think everyone’s different in what gets their motor running (all of those fetishes seem to indicate there’s a range in at least some people) and whether it’s push-button ignition or you have to get out the crank handle.
Legs are a pretty normal thing to notice, IMO.

Gay man here. There isn’t a part of my husband’s body that I don’t love, simply because it’s a part of HIS body. But even if he were a stranger, he still has the perfect body for me. I remember the night we first met, and how I was totally blown away by his… his EVERYTHING. And now, 31 years later, he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen… PLUS the fact that I totally love him. If he had something amputated, I would love his stump, because it would be HIS stump. Or if he lost his hair, I’d love his bald head. Or even if he were in a wheelchair, his atrophied legs would be HIS atrophied legs.

But as far as specific fetishes are concerned… I have always been attracted to extremely thin men. I’ve been called an “anorexiphile”. And there have been times when this attraction rears its ugly head toward total strangers, or even people who have actually been starved. Fetishes are very powerful things, and it’s not uncommon for them to supersede everything else.

Don’t show me any Holocaust photos of men: the ultimate in “mixed feelings”.

I’m a gay man, and I very much like young men’s legs. I care absolutely nothing about their butts.

But about a year ago, a friend—whom I consider a widely experienced gay man of the world—dismissed as bizarre a visiting friend’s observation about the best legs he’d seen that day. Even though I’ve heard him discourse on quite a number of sexual kinks, he just couldn’t seem to conceive of finding legs sexy.

There are several “undercurrents”, if they can be called that, to this thread. “Are some kinks wrong and not just another preference” is one undercurrent - I think yes some are wrong. I don’t think the fact they’re wrong necessarily dictates what to do about them.

Another is “Is liking men’s legs even a thing?”. Sure! Why not? I can’t find a sensible or intelligent reason to say that there isn’t. The one particular man who couldn’t conceive of finding legs sexy - well, obviously he DOES get out enough, so it’s not that… :slight_smile: - I don’t find legs that way in particular, but I think it’s just a failure of imagination to insist that no one else does either. There are a lot of stereotypes regarding gay men, and I notice that there are certainly men I know who fit some of those - but just as certainly, there are some who don’t. Maybe that’s part of the difference.