Straight guys & lesbians: would you rather see great legs or great boobs?

Or, another superficial & objectifying poll from Skald the Rhymer!

Assume, for the sake of this discussion, that’s it’s all lookie, no touchie. Assume also that by “great” I mean “great according to your own criteria.”

That said: Does a stellar pair of legs attract your attention faster than a wonderful bosom, the reverse? Which holds your attention longer?

Boobies all the way. Legs do nothing for me.

I hate it when I forget to answer my own poll. For me, it’s legs.


If I have to chose between those two, boobs, but an awesome ass grabs my attention faster than either.

Honestly, I’m a face guy (which incidentally makes it a lot easier to look a lady in the eye, instead of other places). I’ll appreciate a fine specimen of any other feminine features, but I can’t really say that I favor breasts over legs or vice versa.

Boobs! Magical Boobs!
So round and exciting!
Boobs! Magical Boobs!
So pointy and soft.
Boobs! Magical Boobs!
Yielding and Delicious!
Boobs! Magical Boobs!
Babies find them nutritious! Hmm, that kinda kills the mood.

Legs are easier to sneak looks at, but boobs are more fun. :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m a face guy too, but I already DID that particular shallow poll. Exactly a month ago, in fact.

The Second Stone, though I disagree with your general sentiment, the eloquence of your poem has moved me. When the time comes, your death will be quick and painless.

Legs. Because they lead up to the ass, and I’m an ass man.


My wife says I’m an ass man because I’m an ass hole. :smiley:

Um…you know not to let your wife see this thread, right?

Curse you and your discriminatory thread, Skald!

My views on breasts are important too!

I seem to recall making you future vizier of something or other based on your mad byzantine plotting skills, RT. You’re always welcome in my threads.

I’ve already been promised that I would be eaten first.

I’m a boob man, but that said, a pair of really muscular calves will always get my attention.

Legs all the way.

My only rules about boobs is that there be two and that they be natural (unless there was a medical issue). You can be the hottest girl in the room, but if you’re artificially augmented, I’m repulsed.

But for me personally, it’s legs. Legs. Legs. Legs, legs, legs.

My bunk is calling me.

It’s a tough one, because boobs might catch my attention, but legs will keep it. I suppose boobs, but just barely. It’s really terribly close.

Include ass in the discussion, however, and there is no contest.