What Kind Of Man Are YOU?

When it comes to your personal preferences with regard to which female body part is your favorite, in which category would you place yourself? Are you breast-man, an ass-man, or a leg-man?? Or are you in some other category altogether, such as a foot-man or a vagina-man???

It’s true that the leg-man/ass-man/breast-man trichotomy is somewhat misleading, because one nice body part usually isn’t enough to win a man’s attraction if the other parts aren’t up to par. And you never hear someone described as a ‘face-man’, even though an unattractive face would be a deal-breaker even for the most diehard ass-man.

As for myself, I am definitely an ass-man. I first realized this when I was around 8 or 9 years old, and at the time I thought that I was the only one. I had always assumed that men liked seeing naked women specifically so they could see their breasts. While I can certainly understand the appeal of breasts and legs as well, they just aren’t as important to me.

Based on everything I’ve seen and heard, it appears that breast-men probably make up a plurality of the adult male population, followed by ass-men and lastly leg-men.

So what kind of man are you?


Actually, I’m mostly attracted to personality.

Any my wife’s face when she’s feeling romantic is the best turn-on I’ve ever seen.

Aw, I was going to say something similar. (I haven’t a wife.)

I’m an ass-man all the way. The advantage to this is that you can admire an attractive female’s butt without her even knowing that you’re gawking at it. :smiley: Usually with a nice, shapely derriere comes a nice set of breasts to complement it, though (I like larger women, BTW). And yes, the face counts, too, along with the hair (I like long, straight brunette hair the best).

I’m attracted to the tiny webbing in between the pinky and ring finger. Also a well turned ankle, or a nicely manicured cuticle. And that soft spot right on the inside of the elbow or the back of the knee. Heaven.

I’m an inner thigh man myself. :wink:


She’s gotta have a nice, plump spleen or I’ll never ask her out to dinner. :wink:

Does horny man count as an option?

For me attraction has always been a 50/50 package, where I couldn’t be with a girl who possesed one but not the other (the two things being physical and personality traits I find attractive).

That being said, the face accounts for most of the desire on the physical half of the equation. Which kind of face I haven’t quite narrowed down exactly, but I do know that the eyes (as cliche as it is) are definately a big part of it.


C’mon now, he point of the OP is to be shallow! No “personality” cop outs! :wink:

I’m a stomach guy. (Can’t explain it.)

Woohoo! I knew I must have one attractive feature.

I sure hope his idea of dinner isn’t fava beans and chianti.

Breast-man here at your service!!

As much as I like to stare lovingly at these soft beautiful oh so inviting mounds of pleasure zones, I do not care for super jumbo sized Gi-normous mazoombahs. I like a woman to be perfectly proportional to their bodies and a healthy size chest is very attractive to me. Too much and its a turn off. Victoria Secret models do nothing for me because you can easily see how thin and emaciated these poor creatures are no matter what their bra size is. (just look at the sticks they call arms and legs)

I am also very fascinated when these defy the laws of gravity.


A flat, tight belly, with just enough skin exposed so that I can see the tops of her hip bones. If she’s got a tight flat belly you can bet that the rest of her will be in shape as well. Add shapely, tan feet with a fresh coast of nail polish, and encase the foot in a pair of black, thong sandals and you’ve got a winner.


I honestly go through stages.
Sometimes I’ll be borderline obsessed with boobs for weeks and then for no reason I’ll start noticing asses or even necks (I know that last one sounds weird, but sometimes an elegent neck that begs to have kisses planted on it can get me as excited as anything else).

I like a well-formed breast. However, having said that, I can tell you that by far, I am caught by the charms of a stunning smile.

Eyes do it for me, bright and sparkly, or deep and mysterious. A well shaped neck is another great asset. I really don’t like very skinny arms or legs, I don’t find attractive someone who looks like they’d break if you had energetic sex with them.

Eyes. I am a complete sucker for beautiful eyes.