what do men like more????

whats more important to men Legs tits or ass?

Depends on the mood… I likes asses, tho…

All 3 are important, but ass is the most important if I have to pick…

Contestant #3

Asses, but not by much over tits. Legs are an afterthought and if your ass is good the legs will be too. Ass is a catch all, asses are the hardest thing to keep nice so if your ass is nice, that means your in shape and have nice legs.

I admire women for their minds. :wink:

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Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! …(Paraphrased)

Ok, I’ll ask her.
What happened to your other post? The one about (shh) anal.

I like Big-Butts, and I can’t deny…Baby-Got-Back! :slight_smile:

Well this is a hard one …but I’m going to say the derriere.

I am not weird, I’m just normle challenged.

Well, there are manny more things that I consider, but choosing between the 2 - tits. Note: There are manny other considerations besides size.

Definitely legs. I love athletic-type women, not the stick-figure, bony models. Great legs come with working out.

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Straight, average size teeth with good canines. :]

Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at work?

I love asses first and foremost, but the whole package deal is important too. One thing which bothers me in general these days in men’s magazines is that almost all the women shave their pubic hair.

  1. Ass
  2. Legs
  3. Tits

None of the above can compare with the frontal female territory from upper thigh to navel–the ass is just the back cover!

::nice V shapes::

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None of the above can compare with the frontal female territory from upper thigh to navel–the ass is just the back cover!

ooh, nice V shapes…

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I like faces the best. I’ve seen some very nices asses belonging to goat-faced women. So, naturally, it’s a progression from face to breasts to ass and legs. If everything is good then I can remain my focus on her ass…

Visible panty lines help a lot too.

To drag this on out, physical attraction wouldn’t be able to overcome a voice like Minnie Mouse, smelling like an ashtray or make up like Tammy Faye.

A person is greater than their parts…but, yeah, I will stare like the swine I am at a nice ass.

i like tits but i must say, size is not necessarily a factor. I like nice looking tits, and real tits. If they are small but nice looking, I’ll take them over the puffy-eyed goldfish looking fake ones anyday

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Ego, are you serious? The reason I ask is cause most women spend all their time trying to get rid of pantylines! Hmm, maybe I’ve been sexy all my life and never known it! :wink:

Bunny Girl said,
“…most women spend all their time trying to get rid of pantylines!”
As a big ass fan, I always check pantylines, and when a woman DOESN’T have one visible, my immediate reaction is either “Oh, no undies, eh?” or “Ooh, a thong!”. Of course, I particularly like a good panty-line. Dunno why, except maybe because it aids the imagination in mental undressing. I’m not sure whether this is an effect most women are hoping for, tho.


Well, much as I hate to disagree with the teeming millions…
I would like to point out what every woman knows to be true. It’s not tits, ass, or butt’s that men like best, no, it’s not even faces.
What men clearly like best in a woman in availability. It over rides all other considerations 100% of the time.
And if men were honest creatures they’d admit it.

From the answers, it seems the question was actually, ‘As a man, which feature, the ass or the tits of a woman do you prefer most?’

From a pro-femininst point of view, a most horrid sexist question if you ask me, which you didn’t :slight_smile: